[News] Zahn unveil the closing track of their upcoming Psychedelic Kraut/Noise Rock epic “Adria”

Berlin, Germany based post-modern noise rock trio Zahn has unveiled a music video for the first single and closing track “Idylle” taken from their upcoming album, “Adria,” set to release on November 24, 2023 via Crazysane Records. Watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

Zahn’s Chris Breuer: “As big fans of Badalamenti’s and Carpenter’s soundtracks, it was clear to us that sooner or later we would create a song that goes in this direction. Besides, we are getting old and no longer want to overstrain our instruments in every song. Idylle is the conclusion of our new, quite rocky record and is as unrocky as it can be.

This track features Eberhard Stockmann on saxophone, along with Fabian Bremer (Aua, Velcros, Radare), Peter Voigtmann (The Ocean, ex-Heads.), and Chris Breuer on synthesizers, Felix Gebhard on Bass VI, and Nic Stockmann on drums. Video compiled by Jovi Zhang. Music written by Zahn. Recorded by Peter Voigtmann at Die Mühle Studios, Gyhum. Mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studios, Stockholm.

Zahn’s Adria is the experimental rock record I’ve been waiting for, with spacious guitars, classic synths, distorted bass and heavy grooves like Hallo Gallo meets Jesus Lizard. This is futuristic music for movement, not vocals. I’ve been running to it the past couple weeks and I think I’m getting smarter.” – Walter Schreifels (Quicksand, Rival Schools, Gorilla Biscuits)

Zahn’s new record Adria is crushing and weird in all the best ways. Melody hides in the cracks between staccato drum hits placed as with precision German machinery; synthesizers throb under hefty, wooly baselines and buzzsaw guitars tie the whole beautiful monster together. »Adria« sounds fantastic!” – Nick DiSalvo (Elder, Delving, Weite)

Found on stickers on the backs of millions of camper vans crossing Europe each summer, the word “Adria” has become synonymous with the magic of going on holiday for many generations of continental plebeians. It represents a mythical destination with the promise of leisure, but also an arduous road journey and a healthy dose of exhaust fumes. Like watching the sun set over a shabby highway restaurant or eating a melting popsicle next to a dirty campsite pool, “Adria” offers the perfect balance of blandness and heaviness.

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Consisting of Chris Breuer (Heads., ex–The Ocean Collective), Nic Stockmann (Heads.) and Felix Gebhard (Muff Potter, Einstürzende Neubauten (live)), Zahn stands in the Progressive tradition of musicians from a local scene working together on albums and exploring new grounds regardless of the respective bands they became known for. With a debut album that was recorded in only two days, this trio revealed an insatiable thirst for creation and boundless ambition in rhythm and texture.

With “AdriaZahn have chosen the scenic route to create a collection of vivid sonic vistas, juxtaposing their Noise Rock roots with healthy doses of a variety of genres. “Zebra” opens the album like an otherworldly elevator overture faintly echoing the chirping sound of crickets in the warm evening wind, “Faser” stretches out like a highway marrying Noisy Krautrock textures with remote Math Rock elements. Meanwhile, album–closer “Idylle” could easily fit on a soundtrack album to a lost David Lynch motion picture.

Once more, Zahn have curated a group of talented musicians to augment their own multi–instrumental exercises. “Amaranth” with its rolling rhythm features some excellent Doom Rock stylings courtesy of guitarist Markus E. Lipka (Eisenvater), while the Jazzy mid–section of “Tabak” is softly propelled by the subtle accordion flourishes of Joanna Gemma Auguri. “Schmuck” features an artful buildup in 5/4 embellished by the tasteful guitar playing of Jobst M. Feit (Radare) while the aforementioned “Idylle” features his bandmate Fabian Bremer (Radare, Aua) on synthesizer.

Returning to the task of making these musicians sound good is Peter Voigtmann (The Ocean Collective, SHRVL) who recorded the album at his Die Mühle studio in Northern Germany. The huge storage space of the old mill provided an ideal recording site for Zahn’s big drums and huge bass sound while leaving ample room for the intricate atmospheres created by the other instruments. Voigtmann also provided his magic on the uncanny end section of “Yuccatan 3E” and on “Idylle,” perfectly capturing the unheimlich in shades of slow shimmering sequencers and synthesized textures.

Adria” was mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Russian Circles, Cult Of Luna) at his Stockholm studio. The cover artwork, based around photographs by Lupus Lindemann (Kadavar), was designed by Fabian Bremer (Radare, Aua).

Adria” is a testament to the incredible power of this trio and its ability to effortlessly ensnare your attention for the duration of a ten minute–song of purely instrumental music. Over the course of the albums 11 tracks Zahn emerge as a form of Pink Floyd of Noise Rock, relentlessly pushing the envelope on what’s already accomplished while remaining tasteful and tasty at every corner.

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01. Zebra
02. Zehn
03. Schmuck
04. Apricot
05. Faser
06. Tabak
07. Yuccatan 3E
08. Amaranth
09. Velour
10. Kotomoto
11. Idylle

Chris Breuer
/ Bass, Synthesizer, Drum Machine, Lap Steel Guitar
Felix Gebhard / Guitars, Synthesizer, Bass VI, Electric Piano
Nic Stockmann / Drums, Electronic Drums

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