[Review] Carmine Capasso – Assenza Di Gravità

Carmine Capasso is an Italian artist who started out as a guitarist and then established himself as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter. Thanks to his technique on the guitar, he has collaborated and still collaborates with several top projects on the Rock and Prog scene. December 02, 2022 saw the release of his debut solo album entitled “Assenza Di Gravità” via Ma.ra.cash Records, containing 8 tracks featuring numerous world-class guests. The opening track “Sogno pt.1” begins with waves of the sea, then develops into a fine interplay of keyboards and guitar. The rhythm section is characterised by a load-bearing bass line and solid drumming, an instrumental track that immerses us in the atmosphere of Italian Prog with its symphonic and dreamy atmospheres. The title track “Assenza di gravità” has a more energetic character, with rhythmic, powerful drumming and hypnotic synth melodies. The Italian vocals are dynamic and expressive with a melodic and at times choral refrain, an energetic and engaging track with melodic cues that combines Italian songwriting with Rock. A delicate piano melody opens “In un posto che non c’é, the album’s shortest track, with an interweaving of soft sounds and male and female vocals. A track with dreamy traits, with the characteristic imprint of Italian singer-songwriting, with brief solo inserts of horns and guitar that take the sound to a very high level. “Immobile” is another fine track somewhere between the music of Italian singer-songwriters and the more elaborate textures of Prog Rock. Interwoven guitar and keyboards, an orchestral background and the intensity that increases as the song progresses, which develops into an interesting choral instrumental section with pompous sounds in the second half. Piano acoustic guitar open “Neve Nera,” with warm, expressive vocals and a sound that alternates between softer and more energetic passages. A track with a delicate touch, which evolves in the second half with a guitar solo full of pathos and technique, to conclude the track with a brief Psychedelic passage. “Una valigia di perché” is characterised by intertwining banjo and guitar arpeggios that create cheerful melodies over which a melodic vocal interprets the lyrics with dynamism. A song with singer-songwriter traits and an original touch in the music and in the short guitar solos first and then organ that conclude, leaving us with positive feelings. Dedicated to his current city, “Milano gia’ lo sa’” is a personal description of the feelings this Italian metropolis conveys. The lyrics are the focus of the track, although there is no lack of a solo guitar insert with Carmine‘s characteristic touch. Bravo to the artist for conveying his feelings and experiences with flowing, emotional songwriting. The album ends with the second part of the opening track “Sogno pt.2,” another intense and elaborate instrumental. All the instruments intertwine, enhancing the musicians’ technique and the more progressive aspect of Carmine‘s sound. A track that leaves us wanting to listen to this work again in the future. A work that shows a more singer-songwriter aspect of Carmine’s sound, skilled in creating tracks of Italian music with intense and passionate lyrics. Elaborate instrumental inserts and an engaging and delicate sound, where there is no lack of forays into Prog, while remaining more catchy. A recommended listen for all lovers of Italian music from the school of great songwriters, bringing tradition into a modern context with personal traits.


01. Sogno pt.1 (03:16)
02. Assenza di gravità (04:30)
03. In un posto che non c’é (03:17)
04. Immobile (03:32)
05. Neve Nera (05:11)
06. Una valigia di perché (03:59)
07. Milano gia’ lo sa’ (04:21)
08. Sogno pt.2 (05:31)


Carmine Capasso / Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Synth, Banjo, Mellotron, Percussion
Alessandro Saltarelli / Bass
Roberto De Rosa / Bass
Ovidio Catanzano / Drums
Antonio Liccardi / Drums, Cajon
Francesco Di Pietro / Piano, Hammond, Synth
Costantino Taglialatela / Piano, Hammond, Synth
Salvatore Santella / Sax
Emilio Verrillo / Bouzouki
Andrea Taddeo / Vocals, Piano

Sasha Torrisi (ex Timoria)
 / Vocals
Marco Bernard (Samurai of Prog) / Bass
Kimmo Porsti (Samurai of Prog) / Drums
Marcus Eaton (David Crosby) / Acoustic Guitar
Luca Sparagna (Le Orme) / Acoustic Guitar
Adrian Shaw (Hawkwind) / Bass
Elisa Montaldo (Il tempio delle Clessidre) / Backing Vocals
Marco Grieco (Samurai of Prog) / Moog, Orchestral
Danilo Sesti (Samurai of Prog) / Piano
Barbara Rubin / Strings
Jenny Puertas (Agusa) / Flute
Alessandro Di Benedetti (Inner Prospekt) / Mellotron
Andrea Ranfa (The Trip) / Backing Vocals
Tony Alemanno (The Trip) / Bass
Ivan Santovito (IsProject) / Piano
Oscar Fuentes (Days Between Stations) / Moog, Synth, Mellotron

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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