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Flaming Row is an international band born from an idea by Michael Schnella and active since 2008. The band’s albums are elaborated in the form of a concept, with many illustrious guests collaborating in each work. Third work by the band “Pure Shine” released December 10, 2019 via Progressive Promotions Records, contains 6 mixed and mastered tracks by Michael Schnella. A Progressive Rock Opera based on Stephen King’s novella “The Dark Tower,” released as a double CD with the instrumental mix of the whole album and also available in Digital Download. The opener “A Tower In The Cloud” is an introductory song, made up of sweet and orchestrated melodies, which in the middle give way to a female narrated voice. A brief moment with all the instruments, to then conclude with male and female voices that is stratified. “The Last Living Member” starts again with delicate melodies, Melanie Mau’s vocal immediately enters on piano arpeggios. He has a very graceful voice, which is interchanged with the male one, and with the passing of the minutes, the track acquires intensity. The guitar draws a good solo, and in the middle the song accelerates, with more aggressive vocal and tight rhythms. “Jake’s Destiny” is characterized by an intro with marked Folk influences and the multi-voice sung, in three minutes everything changes. The theme is developed on Folk-Rock melodies on which violin and flute with guitar inserts stand out and then turn into a ballad. It increases both intensity and speed, with heavier riff and a rhythmic session closer to Metal. In the middle an acoustic moment of the piece with percussion and folk instruments, which guide us throughout the second part. Concludes a Metal finale with darker tones, one of the best tracks on the album, original and elaborate. “The Sorcer” is the longest track on the album, after a soft intro, part with solid guitar riffs and a rocky rhythm session. Formed by different moments, developing and displaying all the facets that make up their sound, alternating softer lines with tighter ones. All the phases of the track are well linked, touching artistic levels of considerable thickness, without giving the listener a breather, with sudden changes and quality changes. “The Final Attempt” begins with layers of passionate voices, then turns into a dark before and intricate track after. In the central section, the theme is more elaborate and gives musicians the opportunity to express themselves at their best, and after vocal layers like the first track, it closes gently. The final track “The Guslinger’s Greed” is full of orchestrations in the initial part, then transformed with rhythmic and Latin influences. A ballad with violin and flute again protagonists with positive and cheerful melodies, the choral vowel and sweet notes at the piano “The dark atmospheres have been swept away, and the disc closes with a choral and guitar section. An album that highlights the abilities of the band, giving the right space to all the performers. There is not a predominant instrument, but rather a cohesive group where each one adds something and embellishes and embellishes the sound, pleasant and smooth, with the right alternation between soft and calm and other more aggressive and powerful moments, rich in both musical and vocal cues, an album recommended to lovers of symphonic sounds, with folkloric sounds and heavier inserts, this record will be appreciated by a wider audience, a confirmation for the artists involved in the project and another good release in the discography at Flaming Row.


1. A Tower In The Clouds
2. The Last Living Member
I. A Mystical Structure
II. Roland Of Gilead
III. Maerlyn’s Rainbow
3. Jake’s Destiny
I. The Painted Pictures
II. Relentless Pursuit
III. 1919 Midworld
4. The Sorcerer
I. Evil Forces Of The Dark Side
II. Distracting Illusions
III. Arra
5. The Final Attempt
6. The Gunslinger’s Creed
I. Roland’s Revenge
II. The Sorcerer ? Reign Of Darkness
III. The Secret Place Of No Return
IV. Our Savior


Martin Schnella / Guitars, Vocals
Melanie Mau / Vocals
Marek Arnold / Keyboards, Saxophone
Niklas Kahl / Drums

Glynn Morgan (Threshold) / Vocals
Johan Hallgren (Pain Of Salvation) / Vocals
Alexander Weyland (Traumhaus) / Vocals
Ossy Pfeiffer (Ignore The Sign) / Vocals
Siobhán Kennedy (Iontach) / Vocals
Mathias Ruck / Vocals
Jimmy Keegan (Spocks Beard, Pattern Seeking Animals) / Drums
Dave Meros (Spock’s Beard) / Bass
Lars Lehmann (Ignore The Sign) / Bass
Jens Kommnick (Iontach) / Celtic Instruments
Eric Brenton (Neal Morse) / Violin, Viola
Nathan Brenton (Neal Morse) / Cello & Orchestration
José Pepe Jimenez (Carlos Santana) / Percussion
Fabian Gödecke (Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella) / Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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