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Greenbeard are a Stoner Rock band originally from Austin, Texas consisting of drums, bass and guitars. The fourth studio album “Variant” was released on April 01, 2022 and contains 7 medium length tracks that continue the musical discourse undertaken in previous works. The album opens with the rock-hard riffs of “Creatures of the Night” which is an energetic track with a solid rhythmic session that immediately immerses us in the sounds of the band. Driving bass lines, a pressing drumming and good works of distorted guitars between engaging and successful riffs and a vocal enriched by effects with enveloping traits. The following “Get in the car. No time to explain.” features edgy guitar riffs, a solid and punchy rhythm session and a dynamic vocal. Enriched with tempo changes and engaging choruses, it combines Stoner traits with the Heavy Rock tradition, with good guitar weaves and textures, always at the center of the sound. In the central part it slows down and shows a more American side of heavy Psych sounds with forays into Blues Rock too. “Burns Like Basketweave” opens with a hypnotic bass line and an effect-rich vocal, and then unleashes all the energy of the band’s sound. Powerful riffs and a monolithic rhythmic session, while the vocal leads us into more lysergic territories, between accelerations and tempo changes a well composed and performed piece. The second part is a succession of tempo changes and guitar solo textures enriched by effects. We are in the middle of the album and “Diamond in the Devil’s Grinder” is characterized by a slow pace of drumming and more Psychedelic and enveloping melodies. Deep and bearing bass lines and a dynamic and expressive vocal with the music that increases in intensity with the passing of the minutes. The guitar offers not only refined weaves but also fine workmanship solo inserts, a track that brings retro sounds into a modern context with personal traits. The winds give quality to the piece and offer additional solutions with a very technical solo. Remaining on softer and more enveloping sounds, “Sanitario de la Soul” continues the musical discourse of the last two songs, with that touch of heavy retro Blues that mixes with the features of the band. As the track flows, the track evolves with changes in tempo and intensity, passing from softer to heavier and more Stoner-style sections. A sharp and distorted solo characterizes the second part, concluding the song in a musical crescendo that enhances the characteristics and technique of the band. “Exodus” begins with a powerful rhythm session and heavy guitar textures, creating a darker atmosphere with modern overtones. The vocal is more aggressive and in line with the Stoner releases of recent years, while the sound develops with changes and openings where the band releases all its power. The solo inserts in the central part are interesting, then return to the vocal and close with another solo. The album ends with “Bare Bones” which is also the longest track on the album, a blend of successful guitar riffs, a solid and powerful rhythm session and a dynamic vocal. Between vocal parts and solo cues, the piece develops with continuous changes of tempo and intensity, the use of effects is also valuable. A summary of the main characteristics of the band in its most energetic version. An excellent Heavy Rock album that mixes Stoner, Psychedelia and some passages with references to the Heavy Blues, managing to emphasize their personal traits. A band that manages to offer energetic tracks at times even heavy and others more dilated with acid and Psychedelic traits. A listening recommended for lovers of the harder genre of Rock, a concentrate of Stoner and Psychedelia with a personal style, pleasant from start to finish.


01. Creatures of the Night (03:23)
02. Get in the car. No time to explain. (05:09)
03. Burns Like Basketweave (04:24)
04. Diamond in the Devil’s Grinder (05:20)
05. Sanitario de la Soul (04:52)
06. Exodus (04:27)
07. Bare Bones (05:39)


Chance Parker / Guitar, Vocals
Buddy Hachar / Drums
Pat Seals / Bass
Joe Samson / Guitar

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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