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H.C. Behrendtsen is a band from Leipzig, Germany that pronounces Math Rock sounds with contaminations of Improvisation and Post-Rock. Their self-titled debut album was released on November 11, 2022 via Schatulle Bömm and contains 9 tracks of medium length. An album with a very refined and intricate sound, where the continuous tempo changes and intricate rhythms make the song structures very complex and articulated. A succession of openings where the band unleashes all its power and sometimes virtuoso technique, with forays into different genres and styles. Between Math Rock, Experimentation and Post-Ropck, with all the artists in the band contributing their personal touch to the success of the album. Originality and a distinctly personal sound are certainly the album’s strong points, as is the band’s technique, continuously emphasised by very elaborate and refined structures. The sound is choral, although there is no lack of virtuoso cues, always put at the service of the band. An album that reveals new cues and passages with each listening, allowing the listener to delve deeper and deeper into the musical concept of this band that has talent and an outstanding technique. Placing itself in a modern and fresh context, at first listening it may be a little hostile, but after repeated listens it reveals all its essence, reaching qualitative peaks of the highest level. Difficult to find references in other artists, this means that their style is original and unique, managing to create their own style with very personal characters. It is always a pleasure to be able to listen to work that departs from clichés and common standards, managing to propose a personal style that is different from what the market demands. An absolutely recommended listen for all lovers of Math Rock sounds, with forays into Post-Rock and a touch of the experimental. The tracklist is always very intense from start to finish, with no lapses, making the album very enjoyable throughout. It will also be very interesting to hear this band live, a concentrate of technique and power that is sure to engage audiences at concerts.


01. Ibiza / Heinz 03:03
02. Modem 04:05
03. Labyrinth 05:10
04. Vitamin 04:29
05. Domino-Theorie 04:25
06. Kalimba 04:29
07. Never get high on your own supply 03:14
08. LiLiGeTiTi 04:42
09. Weight 03:53

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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