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Inifinitas is a Folk/Heavy Metal band from Muotathal, Switzerland, formed in 2009. They have published two EPs and two Full Lenght, the last one “Infernum” is an independent release out on December 6, 2019. Available in CD and Digital Download, it contains 13 tracks produced and recorded by Tommy Vetterli at New Sound Studio, mastered by Dan Suter at Echo chamber and the artwork is made by Franz Fohn. The opener “Afanc” is the longest track of the album, it start with solid guitar riff and a violin melody. The rhythm change continuously and the vocal enters on a fast theme, alternates clean and melodic with screamed voice. It’s a pleasant mix between Folk, and Heavy Metal sounds, with a touch of Prog, especially for the constant tempo changes. The rhythm session is well constructed with solid bass lines and great drums changes, in the instrumental sections the violin guide the sound and in the middle, the guitar offers a good solo. “A Manifested Nightmare” is a brief interlude with spoken words and background Noises, after “Anthakarana In Flame” is the prelude for “Avmas.” A faster rhythm section, aggressive guitar riffs and screamed voice begin the track. It’s a drawn track with less Folk influences than the previous, but maintain pleasant tempo variations and a Heavier touch, a pleasant proof. “Utukki” start with dark guitar riff and narrated voice, after became an elaborated Prog Metal track, with gloomy melodies on violin. It alternates faster openings with other intricate, the aggressive component prevails over the Symphony with treats that touch high speed. “Infernum Overture” is the orchestral intro for “Lilith” that starts with a fast drum-bass and sharp riffs, the vocal is like opera and alternates with screamed one. After the first two verses, became an elaborated track with symphonic violin and passionate female vocal, then became stronger near the melodic death-Metal genre with a nice guitar insert. In the final the voice returns clean and Operatic and the piece end softly. “Rahu” is one single extracted from the album, it begins with melodic and soft melodies, the rhythm is calmer and the voice clean. It’s a passionate beautiful track, with a great violin in the instrumental part. A different and enjoyable moment which brings some calm, well constructed and executed. “A Starless Universe” is the next track prelude and after “Tiamat” begins with a beautiful guitar. Violin riffs on a Power Metal style rhythm session. In this track figure as guest Chrigel Glazmann from Eluveitie, which add aggressive parts, a beautiful vocal duet. The track is one of the best moments of the album with symphonic and strong melodies that interchange as well and pleasant violin inserts. “Vadatajs” is a Power track with principally clean vocals, Symphonic Metal touch and excellent tempo variations. They give more space to melodies and in my opinion, is better than the speeder tracks, in the instrumental section, the bass and violin are great. “The Seeker Of The Truth” is a spoken brief passage of 50 seconds and after the album close with “Consults (Memoria I)” and acoustic piano track with melanchonic melodies that guide us to the end in calando. A good album with some pleasant tracks, especially when the Symphonic parts are expressed and the violin has more space, when the rhythm is faster is less tuned in. The initial and the final tracks are the moments that better express the value of the band, with moments of great level too. Heavier than Folk, with some Power Metal moments, a band which, as expressed here, in the future can improve.


01. Afanc (08:08)
02. A Manifested Nightmare (00:35)
03. Antahkarana In Flames (Avnas Prelude) (00:52)
04. Avnas (04:08)
05. Utukki (05:53)
06. INFERNUM Overture (Lilith Prelude) (00:46)
07. Lilith (09:21)
08. Rahu (04:25)
09. A Starless Universe (Tiamat Prelude) (01:30)
10. Tiamat (feat. Chrigel Glanzmann from Eluveitie) (06:37)
11. Vadatajs (06:40)
12. The Seeker Of Truth (00:51)
13. Consultus (Memoria I) (02:45)


Pirmin Betschart / Drums, Vocals
Selv Martone / Guitars
Andrea Böll / Vocals
Camel / Bass
Savannah Childers / Violin

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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