[Review] Jonatan Piña Duluc – Soundtrack Vol. I: Secuencia

Jonatan Piña Duluc is a multi-instrumentalist, composer born in 1976 in the Dominican Republic, in which he participated and won several composition competitions, also winning some prizes and awards. Over the course of his solo career he has released 3 full-lengths, the last of which is “Soundtrack Vol. I: Secuencia” published on January 14, 2021 and containing film or film-inspired tracks. It’s style goes from quiet soundtrack type of avant garde pieces to epic Afro-Dominican Jazzodelic Progressive movements. It is immediately striking that, as in the previous 2 albums, in addition to composing the music he also played all the instruments and took care of the recordings and production. The style of the 12 suites present here is very eclectic and full of interesting and original ideas, mixing multiple genres and styles without losing quality. Surely the elaborate and intricate structure of the compositions requires some more listening before you can better savor the essence of this work, although it is immediately very rhythmic and engaging. The Latin-American matrix of the sound is constantly enhanced by both Jazz and Progressive references, always very articulated and with sophisticated passages. An album therefore that for its entire duration keeps the listener’s attention and concentration high, with passages and plots that will surely satisfy even the most demanding and refined palates both in the Prog field and above all in Jazz. A listening that will be appreciated by a much wider audience than just Prog listeners, given the numerous influences and genres mixed within it. However, it is not a difficult listening, but so full of ideas that with each listen it always gives us something new and interesting, that note or that small insert that perhaps had escaped in previous listenings. The credit goes to Jonatan who managed to offer a high-level album, conceived, performed and recorded entirely by him, proving his talents and his versatility not only as a musician. A listening recommended to all lovers of the more Jazzy sounds of Prog and Latin-based Jazz, another good chapter in the Dominican artist’s discography. 12 tracks that can be pleasantly listened to all in one breath from start to finish, very engaging and with a superfine technique.


01. Veneno Pt. II06:09
02.Culpa las palabras, filosas palabras… 08:41
03.Estalkeo y Persecución en la Duarte (Pacumpilin) 05:02
04.Dolce Vita Suite 07:35
05.Veneno pt. III 03:47
06.Impressions Suite I 06:44
07.Impressions Suite II 03:34
08.Secuencia I, Iniciación 04:49
09.Secuencia II, Fiesta del Veneno 06:36
10.Secuencia III, Confirmación 06:25
11.Navajas 03:36
12.Cuarentena 2020 01:26


Jonatan Piña DulucComposition, Instruments, Recording
Iván BatistaMixing
Sage AudioMastering
Auriluz VilaArt and Design

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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