[Review] Karakorum – Fables and Fairytales

Karakorum is a Psych/Space Rock band with Progressive influences, formed in Germany in 2014. The band has released three albums from 2015 to date, the latest being ‘Fables and Fairytales’ published on May 24 2,019 via Tonzonen Records. Contains three long tracks, is available in LP, CD and Digital Download. The opening track, which is the shortest, touches the ten minutes however, entitled ‘Phrygian Youth’, is characterized by a Jazzy intro. It then develops in a Stoner atmosphere with Progressive incursions, therefore the voices of all the elements in 70s style come into play. An acceleration and a change of time, leave the space for a pleasant guitar solo. Speed up again, before an organ insert, then slow down again and leave space for the synth-supported vowel. With the flow of the track, the theme is elaborated, transforming itself into a Space atmosphere, with Jazzy traits and an excellent ’70s hammond. Really a great start, very elaborate with the plots always developed on high levels. The second track ‘Smegmagmahood,’ is divided into several parts, five to be precise, for a duration of over 14 minutes. Start in Prog style, between riffs of strong guitars and the piano that intersect to perfection. A very vocal vocal enters, at the end of which a harmonica is inserted before an acceleration and an excellent guitar solo. We are in the field of Prog, including sudden changes, with synth and guitar protagonists. A moment with various atmospheric noises and a child’s laughter, the vocal returns and the percussions are added. In the end the rhythm and the melodies become more complex, verging on the avant-garde territory, giving space also to wind instruments. A very complicated piece to follow carefully, but with an accurate listening it reveals all its beauty. The final ‘Fairytales’ is the longest track on the album, the whole is made up of voices that are stratified on a carpet of atmospheric effects. With the flow of the track, percussions and instruments enter, which come together giving life to the main theme, very complex and elaborate. We are always in the Prog area, with guitars and synths on all, supported by an excellent Jazzy rhythmic base, turning into a more melodic moment with the entry of the vocal. This long piece is also divided into sections, which an attentive ear can distinguish. So let’s move on to a moment in which the organ with the supporting synths create noteworthy melodies, before returning to a 1970s-style Prog/Jazz, very well executed. An organ solo and then percussion and bongos take the stage, before the finale in which all the instruments collaborate in the closure. An album that should be listened carefully to be captured by its wonderful atmospheres, rich in different styles that collaborate in the success of the sound. All tracks are long-lasting, but never boring or addictive, enhancing the positive sides of the band, including Progressive, a great surprise, given that the album is labeled Psych/Space. Recommended listening to an audience that is not limited only to the genre, but given its many influences, there are pleasant ideas for all tastes, even the most demanding. An album that should definitely be highlighted in 2019.


1. Phrygian Youth (9:38)
2. Smegmahood (13:51)
a) crawling mouse
b) here comes the prick disease
c) egg pie
d) escort to the final dish
e) even lactoses can be toxic
3. Fairytales (23:00)


Axel Hackner / Organ, Electric Pianos, Synth, Vocals
Max Schörghuber / Guitar, Vocals
Bernie Huber / Guitar, Harp, Vocals
Jonas Kollenda / Bass, Double Bass, Vocals
Bastian Schuhbeck / Drums, Marimba, Vibraphone, Non Tuned Percussions, Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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