[Review] Leaves’ Eyes – Black Butterfly EP

Leaves’ Eyes was formed in 2003 by an idea of ​​Live Kristine (ex-Theatre of Tragedy) and her husband Alexander Krull. The sound of the band is characterized by a Symphonic Metal with Folk veins, which alternates operatic vocals with hard male growls. Since 2016 the group has been led by the voice of Elina Siirala, with whom she has produced two releases, the latest of which is the EP “Black Butterfly.” Published via AFM Records on December 6, 2019 and available on CD and Digital, it contains 4 tracks. The opener “Black Butterfly” is the track that gives the title to the EP, a mid-tempo with a positive melody in the verses, which becomes more Gothic and orchestrated in the refrain. Elina’s voice stands out, immediately highlighting her ability to switch from a clean singing to an operatic one. A flowing track, sometimes pompous with a good guitar solo. “Serkland” is characterized by an intro with a Folk atmosphere on an epic rhythm, more tense than the previous one. The vocal here also alternates between female voice and male growls, while the musical parts are the hardest of the whole work. “Night of the ravens” has a pompous and choral beginning and then goes live with solid riffs and a simple but effective structure. An easy-to-grip song with a no-frills plot, well executed. Closes “Stille nacht” in piano version, voice and light orchestrations in the background, a pleasant Christmas gift from the band. A good exit, easy, immediate and with all the elements in the right place, highlighting the excellent voice of the Siirala. The change of singer keeps the characteristic sound of the group intact and this EP will wipe out some controversy that unfortunately had arisen with the rotation of the voice.



1. Black Butterfly
2. Serkland
3. Night Of The Ravens
4. Stille Nacht (Bonustrack)


Thorsten Bauer / Guitars, Bass, Orchestration, Vocals (Choirs)
Alexander Krull / Vocals, Samples, Programming
Joris Nijenhuis / Drums, Vocals (choirs)
Elina Siirala / Vocals, Piano (track 4)
Micki Richter / Guitars, Vocals (choirs)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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