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Les Dunes is a new Norwegian band offering Instrumental Rock sound, consisting of members of bands such as The Low Frequency in Stereo, Undrgrunnen, Lumen Drones, Helldorado and Action & Tension & Space. Their self-titled debut album was released on March 24, 2023 via Kapitän Platte (Germany) and Apollon Records (Norway) and contains 8 tracks. Opener “Mellow Skies” slowly immerses us in the band’s sound with guitar arpeggios and a soft, elaborate rhythm section. An enveloping atmosphere captures the listener and leads him through an instrumental Rock that mixes Post-Rock and Psychedelia. The intensity increases as the minutes go by, evolving the central theme of the song and layering the guitar sounds enriched by modulations and a fine use of effects. The album’s longest track “Akkordskiftelåten” opens with soft guitar arpeggios and a slow-moving rhythm section. The track is developed with a musical crescendo, in which the guitar always takes centre stage, with intertwining arpeggios and effects that cleverly modulate the sound. Continuing the musical discourse undertaken in the previous track, the listener is enveloped in atmospheres somewhere between Neo-Psychedelia and Post-Rock with a delicate touch. “Spectral Lanes” again focuses on soft guitar arpeggios and a soft, elaborate rhythm section. The guitar layers and ties in well with the deep, intense and penetrating bass lines that flesh out the track’s sound. A sombre atmosphere permeates the following track, “Zosima,” which is also the shortest in duration, while still maintaining a high intensity. A track that develops into a musical crescendo that accompanies us for over three minutes, evolving the theme with quality. Continuing on the dark and melancholic atmospheres, “Mayhem in Hm” develops on fine guitar layering. The rhythm section is, as always, elaborate with sophisticated drumming and deep bass lines, increasing the intensity in some passages. The guitar is at the centre of the sound, between arpeggios and effected melodies, modulations that envelop the listener for almost 6 minutes of pure Post-Rock. “Keisarholi” shows a more experimental side of the band, focusing on sounds laden with guitar effects. The rhythm section is minimal, creating a carpet of cymbals and bass arpeggios. A deep bass intertwining with the guitar opens “D and ass,” with a marked presence of effects echoing through the speakers. The drumming marks a slow tempo, minimal but elaborate at the same time, and then ends with guitar arpeggios. The album ends with ‘The Build-Up,’ the most rhythmic track on the tracklist, taking the listener towards a finale characterised by a very intense musical crescendo. Guitar layering is at the centre of the sound, enriched by engaging percussive drumming. An album of instrumental Post-Rock with delicate, enveloping sounds centred on guitar and soft, elaborate rhythm sections. Evolving the themes of the tracks with beautifully crafted layers and modulations of sound, the album flows pleasantly. A recommended listen for lovers of the instrumental sounds of the most modern Post-Rock with forays into Psychedelia and markedly personal traits.


01. Mellow Skies (04:54)
02. Akkordskiftelåten (06:42)
03. Spectral Lanes (04:13)
04. Zosima (03:20)
05. Mayhem in Hm (05:51)
06. Keisarholi (04:40)
07. D and ass (06:30)
08. The Build-Up (05:21)


Per Andreas Haftorsen / Guitar
Per Steinar Lie / Bass
Morten Jackman / Drums

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Kapitän Platte |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Instagram|YouTube Channel|

Apollon Records |Official Website|Bandcamp|Facebook Page|Twitter|Instagram|Spotify|YouTube Channel|

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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