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Mobius is a French Progressive Metal band active since 2012, releasing two albums since then. On January 2020 “Kala” comes out, containing 9 tracks, confirming the quality of the band and highlighting its original style. A mix of Progressive Metal, Djent riff with forays into ethnic and jazz music, between intricate rhythms and melodies. The album opens with “A” an atmospheric introduction of 30 seconds, which opens the way for “Abhinivesha.” Immediately catapult us into the atmosphere of the album with powerful guitars, dizzying tempo changes between dark vocal layers and melodies with ethnic traits. In the central part there is a detachment with percussion and piano and then returns drawn and imposing. “Sharira” after a short and sweet intro the band unleashes all its power, with intricate rhythms, massive guitars and oriental melodies in the background. The vocal offers excellent evidence and in the central part, forays into Jazz show technique and positive ideas. In the end becomes darker and then closes. “U” is a short interlude with piano, percussion and orchestrations, with dark atmospheres that connects to “Mukti.” A powerful piece with oriental inserts in the first part, the vocal is transformed more charged and almost spoken on the rhythm. High leveled bass and drum with constant tempo changes, majestic melodies and a vocal that takes the song to high levels. “Akasha” begins with a short ethnic vocal and dreamy melodies, with a change we get to the heart of the band’s typical sound, with softer inserts. Rapid changes increase the intensity, with the vocal also adapting well to different styles here. There is no lack of ethnic inserts, and the sweet notes of the piano in the background, one of the best tracks of the song. “M” begins with powerful drums, almost in warfare, a deep and penetrating bass and ethnic instruments and melodies. This is also a short passage, full of energy, with rocky guitar riffs and a massive dose of Metal with ethnic tones. “Bhati” begins with Djent riff and an intricate rhythmic session, the vocal also reaches high levels here. Less dark and more melodic than the previous ones, without losing the unmistakable original style of the band. Despite the more linear structure there are still elaborate passages and tempo changes, making this song one of the best on the disc. Close the album “Agni,” a short track with mystical and oriental flavours, an excellent ending for this work. An intense, powerful and elaborate album, where there is no shortage of original ideas. Starting from a Prog Metal base, the band spans Djent, ethnic and Jazzed territories with quality, offering excellent vocal and instrumental proof. An album recommended for lovers of modern Prog Metal sounds, where intricate melodies and rhythms are perfectly combined with oriental sounds and original Jazzed traits.


1. A
2. Abhinivesha
3. Sharira
4. U
5. Mukti
6. Akasha
7. M
8. Bhati
9. Agni 


Xavier / Guitars
Alexandre / Bass
Adrien / Drums
Heli / Vocals
Guillaume / Keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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