[Review] Neon Heart – Temporaria

Neon Heart is a Psychedelic/Krautrock band born in 2017 and based in Stockholm, Sweden. They have released some singles and three Full-Lengths, the latest of whichis “Temporaria” released on December 11, 2020. The album contains 7 medium-long length tracks, which carry on their musical thought based on a modern and eclectic Krautrock with personal character, available on vinyl (in yellow/black dust and 180 gr black) from Adansonia Records, CD and Digital version are self-released. Another chapter in Neon Heart‘s discography, which begins with an engaging song “Somna bort” that slowly leads us into their very Psychedelic sound. A hypnotic bass line and lysergic guitar inserts, while the choral vocal embellishes the piece in the first part. The theme is well developed in the long instrumental section as well. The following “Vi behöver” is darker and more syncopated with a penetrating synth and a dark and well interpreted vocal, while the theme of the song is well structured and developed, more ethereal than the previous one. The following track “Alltid leva med” has its strengths in the vocals and the wind inserts, continuing this Psychedelic journey of the previous ones. “One of these days” initially has a more linear structure, with a valuable prolonged and engaging wind solo section. Their sound certainly has one of its strong points in the bass lines, always hypnotic and load-bearing. Another element that stands out is the good use of the effects, another added value especially in this piece. “Som en sanning” is darker and more intricate from its inception, with an elaborate bass and center stage, while the choral voices add a sense of restlessness. The punchy and edgy guitar offers interesting insights. Softer and more dilated both in melodies and in development is “Vi får väl se,” characterized by a pachydermic rhyming session, while the melodic intertwining seems to almost transport the listener. Closes the album “Slå dig ner” which, after the softness of the previous one, starts immediately strong with an accelerated rhythmic session and faster melodies. In the finale the piece closes with another good choral insert and with a pleasant use of effected sounds, leaving us a good feeling. A good listen for lovers of sounds closer to Krautrock with marked Psychedelic veins, effected and dilated sounds. The wind inserts and the instrumental sections, which are the main part of the album, are valuable. This project that we already follow from previous releases, confirmed the positive aspects already heard in the past, deserving the promotion with flying colors. Well developed and performed, continuing the musical discourse undertaken in previous works.


 01.Somna bort07:59
02.Vi behöver 03:54
03.Alltid leva med 04:08
04.One of these days 07:14
05.Som en sanning 04:54
06.Vi får väl se 05:28
07.Slå dig ner09:38


Magnus NordénDrums
Johnny Karlsson KernBass, Vocals
Björn WallgrenGuitar
Petter KärnekullElectronic Viola
Daniel Borgegård ÄlgåSaxophone

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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  1. Thanks for a lovely review, Jacopo. I just wanted to add that the album is available on vinyl (in yellow/black dust and 180 gr black) from Adansonia Records. The cd is only available from us.


    Magnus/Neon Heart

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