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On April 10, 2020 arrives the new album of the finlandish symphonic metal band: Nightwish “Human:II:Nature” published via Nuclear Blast. The first track of the album: “Music” opens with a growl-singing intro followed by classic chorus and bagpipes. An aria almost fairy followed by opera. The unmistakable voice of Floor Jansen (principal voice) bursts on the track with her own chorus. “Noise” is flowing on silent moments and calm,in metal and harmonic once; it got a break followed by violins and at the end theres a gourgeous duet of Marco Hietala (Bass and voice) and the singer. In “Showmaker” overlap duets with Marco, Floor, and breaks from the Bassist to the singer or instruments. Theres a magnificent knock off of principal voice and instruments. After it continues with the great Tuomas Holopainen (Leader and Synth) Synthesizer followed by the Theyre classic operistic. “Harvest” is the fourth song of this new album where Tuomas gives his better tuning the notes of the track with Chorus of the unforgivable Floor. Violins and harps opens “Pan” where the singer tuned higher on the song on a classic piano, offered, oviestly by Tuomas, The track continues very more Metal with nearly Progressive turns. “Hows the Heart?” Is opened with a great a solo of Empuu Vuorinen (guitar). On the ballad it flows turns Metal and classics, constructing a track all in all Rock. The seventh piece of the New Album “Procession” is on with the arcane call of Floor to remembers, in a crescendo broken by the Synth of Tuomas accompained by a Pan (like of the name of one of the next tracks) “Tribal”, instead, after a violin intro, brokes immediately of the majestically of the Drums of Kai Hahto and the others instruments followed by theyre Symphonic Metal instruments. The Finlandish group is very close on this Track creating an hard, naked and raw song. “Endlessness” is sweet, nearly movingly of Empuu guitar, which is expressed in a loud voice over the whole piece. Here there is Marco with his incredible entrens, followed by Floor and Chorus. Always guided by the fire that the group offers on this song. Using minor chords created breaks of violins and heartbreaking voices. The song finish with guitar, violins and chorus almost crying. The second part of the 2020 Album of Nightwish “Human Nature” is a long song divided in 8 Tracks. Is called “All the Works of Nature wich adorn the World” and in fact is divided and united, like this: “All the Works of nature which adorn the World – Vista” starts with a Poetry of Geraldine James: “I love no man less but Nature more”, a significant and racy Aria follows it and continues for all the track, nearly introducing “All the Works of nature which adorn the World – The Blue”: another Aria captained by chorus and cello. The song ends with a final susprise.“All the Works of nature which adorn the World – The Green” starts with an classic piano and continues in a litany of dirge.Here we got the crescendo enters about orchestra. The fourth track of this second part of the New Album: “ All the Works of nature which adorn the World – Moors” is similar to “Nocture op.9 no.2” of Chopin, broke of the bagpipe ( tipical nordic instrument officially scotish but born under Torrazzo. There we go with the gourgeous Nightwish moud that make them so famous and at they’re 9th Album. In the track there’s another mix of Classic Music and Modern instruments.In “All the Works of nature which adorn the World – Aurorae” their pressing rhythm is found Classic and Metal very well harmonized.“All the Works of nature which adorn the World – Quiet as the snow” starts with flowing words, sighs of words, making listen the real sound of a snowing: “it seams to be on Irlandish wood, a squirrel comes out from home to take an acorn, baies playing to balls of snow. The squirrel took his acorn and come back to home to eat it. And” “All the Works of nature which adorn the World – Antropocene” (incl. “Human Hymn to Nikkal”) This Himn is of XII a.c. century and is a piece of music annotated oldest of the world. Dating back to 3200 years ago! Should be dated from 1400 to 1200 a.c. century is an ugarinic cuneriform piece. There’s a lot of things to say about this song, as the fact that it remembers me another classic song, could you find wich one? And the particularity of this one is the wanted of Nightwish to let know they’re own origins.So is finshe the second part of the New Album of Nightwish of April 2020 with “ All the Works of nature which adorn the World – Ad Astral”: a moving final and noteworthy of the inconfondiible Nightwish style with an important message of the group.The second part of the Album is an Crescendo andante of chamber music beautifull. More of a classic part that a symphonic Metal one, but simphonic is also this. And the surprises are not finished yet. There’s also a new single and music video out now, is “Harvest”. You find the video below.

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