[Review] Ribbons Of Euphoria – You Don’t Care

Ribbons of Euphoria is a Greek band active since 2006 that offers a mix of retro sounds between Progressive Rock, Psychedelia and Heavy Blues. The third and new album “You don’t Care” was released on May 10, 2022 via Ikaros Records and contains 6 tracks. An intertwining of distorted guitar and organ riffs opens “3/4″ Bullet (running through my mind)” with marked retro influences between Blues Rock and Prog traits with a good choral vocal. The rhythmic session is solid and elaborate, enriched by changes time that allow the band to develop intense instrumental sections. The organ solo takes us back in time to the golden years of Rock in the style of the Proto-Prog bands between the 60s and 70s. The longest and title track “You don’t Care” is also the longest in duration, exceeding 10 minutes and continues in the exploration of retro sounds. The sound follows the English bands of the early ’70s with a Jazzy imprint and the violin offering a fine solo in the opening. The singing comes in, warm and expressive, while the rhythmic session is solid and elaborate and in continuous evolution, giving life to a very intense and refined sound. Excellent organ textures, which offers a solo in the central part, followed in the second part by the electric guitar, this track is a masterpiece. “Foundation of Control” is the shortest, and is characterized by heavier guitar riffs and horns that give body to the melodies. The rhythmic session is solid with leading bass lines, while the singing with a female voice is very intense and alternates well with the instrumental parts. Combining Prog, Rock with Heavy veins and Soul features, this track enhances the compositional technique of the band. Returning to the Blues Rock sounds, “Hold on to my Gun” manages to insert Prog sections with granite guitar riffs that intertwine with the organ. The male vocal is very intense and at times choral, with a Prog approach also in the singing. In the central part the organ offers a valuable solo insert, while vocal and instrumental parts alternate with the guitar in evidence in the finale. With a more Heavy approach “Invisible Prison” starts with a Deep Purple style organ and distorted guitar riff, blending Heavy Rock traits Blues and Prog with technique and quality. A granite and engaging track, with vocals reminiscent of the English band, and a retro sound revived with the personal touch of the band. The disc ends with “Death is the Road to Awe” which begins with a softer introductory part with a keyboard background and a warm and expressive vocal. The intensity increases with the passage of the song, in a musical crescendo with an excellent guitar solo in the second part. Bands like this show how quality Rock music is still being offered in 2022. An album that makes us travel with our minds back in time to the golden years of Rock music, combining retro traits with your personal style. The musicians involved have technique and enhance it in every passage of the disc, managing to propose 6 original tracks exploring different styles of Rock. A recommended listening, with refined instrumental parts, intense vocal parts, a real masterpiece and one of the best record releases of recent times.

S3 E22: Those that can't Vlog, ...


01. 3/4″ Bullet (running through my mind) (06:21)
02. You don’t Care (10:08)
03. Foundation of Control (03:47)
04. Hold on to my Gun (06:13)
05. Invisible Prison (04:35)
06. Death is the Road to Awe (05:17)


Harris Botsis / Organ
Nick Poulakis / Guitar and Voice
Thanasis Stroggylis / Drums
John Tziotziovilis / Bass
Stavros Zouliatis / Voice and Percussion

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