[Review] Rubber Tea – Greenhouse Session

Rubber Tea is a German band made up of young and talented musicians that offers a mix of Art and Prog Rock, which released their debut album in 2020. The new EP “Greenhouse Session” was released on May 23, 2022 and contains 3 tracks of medium duration that enhance the technique. The opening track “Fading Forest” is characterized by a good mixture of guitar and woodwinds with keyboards, an elaborate rhythmic session and a dynamic and expressive vocal. Enriched by tempo changes and phrasing between instruments with the intensity that increases with the passage of the song, mixing sung parts with high-level instrumentals. “Desert Man” opens with percussion in the intro and then develops dark-looking Prog plots, intricate passages and retro sounds permeate the song. The band is able to bring the atmosphere of the 70s into a modern context, with a warm and expressive vocal and enhancing the individual technique of the artists involved. A supporting track for this work, mature and with mixes of keyboards, winds and guitar of absolute value. Enveloping atmospheres that alternate softer passages with more intense and elaborate ones, truly a song full of ideas. The last track of this EP “The Gate” shows a more Psychedelic facet of the band’s sound, with a pleasant intertwining of male and female voices. Jazzy, Prog and Psychedelic traits blend with a mystical atmosphere with a slow and enveloping rhythm. In the second part the intensity increases, concluding the piece in crescendo. Three pleasant tracks, well composed and performed, which confirm the good things heard in the debut album. It is always a pleasure to listen to young artists propose refined and refined sounds and propose a style with personal traits. A recommended listening for technique and quality, a very good EP.


01. Fading Forest (04:07)
02. Desert Man (06:12)
03. The Gate (04:41)


Vanessa Gross / Vocals, Saxophone, Flute
Lennart Hinz / Keyboards, Vocals
David Erzmann / Bass
Jonas Roustai / Guitar
Henri Pink / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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