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Solace Supplice is the new Rock project by Eric Bouillette and Anne-Claire Rallo, musicians of the French Prog band Nine Skies, active since 2020 and with 1 EP and 1 full-length to their credit. The debut album “Liturgies Contemporaines” was released on June 15, 2022 via FTF Music and contains 11 medium length tracks. Willow Beggs on bass, Laurent Benhamouon sax and Jimmy Pallagrosi on drums complete the lineup. The opening track “Le tartuffe exemplaire” has a solid and energetic rhythm session with deep bass lines and good keyboard textures. The vocal in French is intense and expressive, and the sound is a fresh and modern Rock with good phrasing between guitar and keyboards that give an electronic touch. An intro with a Dark tone opens “Sunset Street” with deep bass lines and a warm and expressive vocal, with the intensity that increases as the song flows. The rhythm becomes tight, hypnotic bass lines and a vocal that alternates solo and choral parts, give life to an engaging sound with a good guitar solo in the second part. “A demi-maux” is characterized by leading bass lines and good interweaving between repeated and hypnotic guitar and keyboards, with solid drumming. The tracks are elaborated and enriched with tempo changes and an instrumental section in the central part with sax and guitar alternating in the solos, and then the vocals return for the last verses and close. The longest track of the album “Les miradors” which exceeds 6 minutes, opens with an intro with a dark atmosphere, and then returns to the rock sounds of the band. A solid and tight rhythm session, intense vocals and good mixes of guitar and keyboards, with tempo changes and instrumental passages of fine workmanship. A Rock song that incorporates Prog traits and enhances the compositional and executive technique of the artists involved. “Cosmos adultérin” is characterized by a more minimal first part with the vocal and the bass sounds with an effected rhythm. The sounds are inserted and evolve with the passage of the song, which in the central part is transformed into a Rock with forays into Post-Rock, concluding with a second part in crescendo. the shorter track of the album “Schizophrénie paranoïde” returns to the rhythmic sounds of the previous songs, with a sound that combines Dark and Rock traits. Good guitar works and vocal parts that interpret the lyrics with delicate themes well, a track full of meaning and very current. The sound of a carillon opens “Au cirque des âmes” which develops by re-proposing the music of the circus in a Rock version in the initial part. The intensity increases with the flow of the song that takes on Heavy traits with good guitar and piano phrasing, with a powerful rhythmic session that adds solidity to the sound. An orchestral background and percussion open “En guidant les hussards” with an oriental and dark atmosphere in the first introductory part. The track evolves with the entry of drumming and guitar, maintaining the Dark traits and offering an interesting sax solo in the instrumental section. “Liturgies contemporaines” begins with a repeated and hypnotic keyboard sound to which is added a modern drumming enriched by effects. The intensity increases with the passage of the song, which shows a different facet of the band’s sound, which adds effects and offers a good instrumental part in the ending. The piano and an orchestral background open “Dans la couche du diable” with a warm and expressive vocal in the first introductory part. With a change it turns into a very intense Rock song full of ideas and elaborate passages, with interesting solo parts and tempo changes. The album “Marasmes et décadence” closes with a track with melancholic features in the first part, which ends with a second part more Rock and an intense guitar and synth solo. A varied and interesting listening, which contains 11 fresh and modern Rock tracks, with sounds with personal traits. Mixing various genres and styles, always attributable to Rock, they show a different facet than the Prog Rock of the Nine Skies, keeping the level always very high with quality ideas. A listening recommended for lovers of the most modern sounds of Rock, with original distinctive features and with intense traces both in the vocal and instrumental parts.

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01. Le tartuffe exemplaire (05:11)
02. Sunset Street (04:07)
03. A demi-maux (04:04)
04. Les miradors (06:43)
05. Cosmos adultérin (04:00)
06. Schizophrénie paranoïde (03:12)
07. Au cirque des âmes (04:08)
08. En guidant les hussards (04:18)
09. Liturgies contemporaines (03:49)
10. Dans la couche du diable (04:43)
11. Marasmes et décadence (04:32)


Eric Bouillette / Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Violin, Arrangements, Composition
Anne-Claire Rallo / Keyboards, Bass on “Les miradors,” “Sunset street,” “Schizophrénie paranoïde,” “Au cirque des âmes,” and “Dans la couche du diable,” Lyrics
Jimmy Pallagrosi / Drums
Willow Beggs / Bass on “Le tartuffe exemplaire,” “Marasmes et décadence,” “En guidant les hussards,” “Cosmos adultérin,” “Liturgies contemporaines” and “A demi-maux
Laurent Benhamou / Saxophone on “En guidant les hussards

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