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Tarmak are a Progressive Post Rock/Metal trio originally from Ghent in Belgium, made up of drym, bass and guitar, which originally originated as acapella Mongolian throat singing. As stated in the description on their Bandcamp profile: “The band started off as an acapella singin band that specializes in Mongolian throat singing. But since the world wasn’t ready for that yet, they have decided to become a progressive post rock / metal trio!“. On May 21, 2020 they released their debut EP “Plow” containing 4 medium-long duration tracks, showing a solid sound focused mainly on the guitar. The album is available exclusively through the Bandcamp digital platform, recorded and mixed at Genuine Sound, mastered by Frederik Dejongh at Jerboa Mastering, produced by Tarmak and accompanied by a very beautiful and captivating cover. The opener “Krater” starts with a short intricate percussive intro to which is added a solid and elaborate bass line and rocky distorted guitar riffs, always the protagonist. The effected vocal adapts well to the various situations of the song, which towards the middle offers a good starting point for the guitar on a deep and hypnotic bass. In constant change and full of effects, their sound goes through various phases, going from heavy to softer and sometimes lysergic openings, immediately catapulting us into the atmosphere of the album. “Petanque” is characterized by heavy and dark guitar riffs, a bass that intertwines perfectly with guitar melodies, creating penetrating and load-bearing lines. The drum is very well elaborated, and the constantly changing rhythmic session makes the song interesting and never banal, obviously the guitar is the main instrument, without however being intrusive but complementary to the other instruments and without exceeding virtuosity for its own sake. “Krampus” is the longest song on the album and begins with a very percussive drum rhythm and a guitar halfway between the dreamy and the spatial, with the impressive bass lines created by Trekpaard, the backbone of the sound. Entirely instrumental and full of time changes, this is a track with a very elaborate and sometimes intricate structure, full of sound experiments, creating an excellent malgame among the instruments that sometimes give the impression of being a larger group of 3 elements . Closes the album “Toton” which opens with a repeated and hypnotic guitar average, a very percussive drum and the usual deep and load-bearing bass, and then with a quick change increase the intensity with sharp riffs. Here too, the weather is constantly changing, bringing the sound to another level and giving the band proof of safety in the various instruments. Softer and atmospheric moments alternate with powerful openings with heavy riffs and time accelerations, the guitar is always predominant, but the duets with the bass are of a good level. An almost entirely instrumental album, with the exception of the first song, with a sound focused on guitar evolutions, supported by a real low backbone of the rhythm session. The drum is constantly evolving with intricate tempo and rhythmic changes, which increase the value of the sound, while the guitar is at the center of the project but without invading too much space and stealing the scene. A recommended listening for lovers of Post-Rock music with forays into the Prog and heavier veins, which surely lets us foresee other good releases in the future, a band that will be interesting to listen to live.


1. Krater
2. Petanque
3. Krampus
4. Toton


Sander / Guitar, Vocals 
“Trekpaard” Geert / Bass 
Simon / Drums 

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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