German Psychedelic/Progressive Rock trio TFNRSH offers long-form tracks, spanning genres and styles. The debut album “TIEFENRAUSCH” was released on July 21, 2023 and contains 5 tracks ranging from 6 to over 13 minutes in length. The opener “Open Eyes,” which exceeds 11 minutes, features an introductory part with melancholy guitar arpeggios. The sounds are dilated and enveloping and with the entrance of the rhythm section it develops between Prog, Psychedelia and forays into Post-Rock. Melancholic atmospheres permeate the song, which increases in intensity as the minutes go by, elaborating with fine guitar work, both in the melodies and in the usual prougmented inserts. The bass creates deep, load-bearing lines and combined with solid, elaborate drumming creates a solid rhythm section. After the steady musical crescendo of the middle section, it returns to softer sounds in the final section, accompanying us to the close. The second track “Death or Freedom (Ya Marg Ya Azadi)” is also over 10 minutes long. The sounds are a fine blend of Prog and Psychedelia, with the guitar taking center stage, enriched effects and modulations. The song alternates softer passages with markedly Heavy openings, where the rhythm section also speeds up, enriching the song with elaborate tempo changes and variations. The middle part explores the more Psychedelic side of the band, offering a fresh and modern sound. in a succession of ethereal atmospheres and more Heavy parts the track goes towards the conclusion. “Birds” is the ‘shortest’ track comfortably exceeding 6 minutes in length. A killer hypnotic bass-line opens the track, which is joined by solid drumming and guitar work rich in modulations and effects. The first part is more Experimental, while as the minutes go by more Spatial stretches fit well into the context of the track. In the second part the guitar offers more Heavy riffs that accompany us to the finale. the longest track on the album “SLIFT” is an epic over 13 minutes long, opening with a Floydian interweaving of bass and guitar. Psychedelic Rock traits with forays into Space characterize the atmosphere of the track. Tempo changes are an added value for the track, which in its long duration incorporates elements of different genres, having the band’s personal style as a common thread. Intense and alternating between more Heavy and more acid passages, it offers an interesting guitar solo in the middle part, which accompanies us until 3/4 of the track. After a steady crescendo with heavy riffs and a granitic rhythm section, the track closes with more experimental effects. The album ends with “19 BØNES” characterized by distorted guitar riffs and a bass line that gives body to the song. The drumming complements solid rhythm section, while the effects allow for alternating softer passages and energetic openings with the distortions to the max. After a gentler passage in the middle section, the track evolves into a continuous crescendo of intensity, with percussive rhythmic playing and a fine guitar solo insert. An enjoyable album, exploring the more modern sounds of Psychedelia mixed with Prog and post-Rock. Softer, enveloping passages laternate to more Heavy openings with greater use of distortion and effects. A recommended listen for all lovers of Heavy Psych sounds, with long instrumental textures and the chitrarra being the great protagonist.


01. Open Eyes (11:05)
02. Death or Freedom (Ya Marg Ya Azadi) (10:52)
03. Birds (06:23)
04. SLIFT (13:38)
05. 19 BØNES (08:24)


Sasan Bahreini / Guitar
Jakob Erne / Drums
Stefan Wettengl / Bass

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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