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Tusmørke is a Norwegian band that combines traditional Folk Music from Northern Europe with the 1970s Prog, whose lyrics often refer to the Nordic culture. Formed in 1994, they published 8 full-length, last of which “Nordisk Krim” released February 26, 2021 via Karisma Records and containing 10 tracks divided into 2 discs. A mixture of pieces that range among most genres, always with a high-leveled compositional and executive technique, feature that has allowed the band to establish themselves over the years as one of the best in the Prog genres. The themes of this work as describes the band: “Nordisk Krim celebrates the willing victims of ancient rites, those whose bodies are in the bog but whose souls are among the stars in the heavens.” The album immediately starts strongly, catapulting ourselves in the atmospheres of the sound of the band, markedly of the Northern kind with that dark touch and respect for the sonorities of the genre. One of the main features of this work and their discography is the ability to mix the standards that have made great this kind with a modern touch and traditional Folk. Few bands manage to excite the listener lover of a sound that founded his roots in the early 1970s, they succeed. The keyboards are a cornerstone of their compositions, with various types of sounds that comes out of the skilled hands of Gode Gullstein, while the rhythmic session is constantly evolving enriched by the time changes. Flute and violin give that Folk and traditional touch to the sound, as well as the issues of the lyrics dealing with particular arguments with respect and dovitisia of details. More symphonic and delicate sections alternate with more more pulled without ever losing the intensity that distinguishes them. The vocal is warm and expressive and adapts to perfection of the various situations that creates music, marked 70s kinds but with personal traits that we have learned to know while listening to their productions over the years. A perfect mix that combines dark atmospheres, symphonic parts, long instrumental sections that allow the artists involved to express all their technique by privileging a group sound rather than virtuosity. Inside we can listen to both medium-time traces and 3 long tracks in suite style and to show off all the potential. The power and intensity that comes out from the first jokes and that guides us throughout the album they have made me excited, it is rare to listen to discs so faithful to the 70s Sound nowadays. Obviously the band has managed to create a personal and characteristic sound, deserving appreciation around the world both from the criticism and by the listeners of the Prog, in my opinion this album is a real masterpiece. A listening recommended to all lovers of the progressive sonorities of classic kind, with references to the Nordic groups of the golden age and incursions in various genres, first on all the Folk even if the sound matrix remains faithful to the line. A journey over 80 minutes than every listening gives us very interesting passages and ideas, especially in the longest tracks where the themes are developed more. The shortest traces are instead a valuable concentrate of their sound, with a strong impact and suitable as the band is making proposals even as individuals or videos. A work so absolutely the attention of those who listen to music of a certain type, this band has a first level class and talent and I expect that they receive the right recognition from everyone, as we are doing here in this review. Difficult to report a track or some passages in particular as all the work in my opinion is to be considered a real jewel, a masterpiece to listen to and listen to so many times, absolutely a confirmation for this band that never ends with giving us emotions and we hope the face even in the future for a long time yet.


Disc 1
1. Ride the Whimbrel (6:45)
2. Age of Iron Man (2:51)
3. Mumia (4:31)
4. Cauldron Bog (7:10)
5. Dog’s Flesh (7:31)
6. Moss Goddess (14:45)

Disc 2
1. Black Incubation (12:18)
2. Et Moselik (4:18)
3. Heksejakt (3:47)
4. (The Marvellous and Murderous) Mysteries of Sacrifice (17:47)


Benedikt “Benediktator” Momrak / Bass, Vocals
Kristoffer “Krizla” Momrak / Flute, Vocals
Haugebonden Gode Gullstein / Keyboards
Åsa Ree / Violin
Martin “Hlewagastir” Nordrum Kneppen / Drums, Percussion

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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