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Verde Lauro is a supergroup created by singer Fabrizio Sassi, with the intention of proposing Petrarch’s verses and thoughts in a Symphonic Metal key. On August 6, 2020 a single was released via Elevate Records that offers two songs from the album “Voi ch’ascoltate,” proposed both in the original version, and one in Croatian by Dino Jelusic (Trans Siberian Orchestra and Animal Drive), while the other in Russian by Sergey Sergeev (Forsage). The opener is “Zefir se vraća,” singed by Dino Jelusic which begins with a powerful weave of electric guitars, pompous and edgy. The rhythmic session is massive and alternates dizzying rhythms and softer tempo changes, while the melodies are positive with excellent phrasing between guitar and keyboards. The singing is of a high standard, respecting expectations and interpreting the song at its best, with a rich dose of pathos. “Zephiro Torna” is the original version of the track singed by Alessandro Del Vecchio and taken from the album, a great adaptation of Petrarch’s verses in more modern Italian. A majestic organ and choirs open “Франческо Петрарка,” the other reinterpretation, this time of “Voi ch’ascoltate,” by Sergey Sergeev, sung in Russian. The guitar fits in adding a melancholy atmosphere and then a powerful Symphonic Metal song comes to life, with a massive and warm vocal. The rhythmic structure is always an alternation of accelerated rapids and softer moments, with orchestrations and choirs that create an excellent carpet on which a short solo part is inserted. The album closes with the original version taken from the album of the previous song always interpreted by Alessandro Del Vecchio and sung in Italian. This single, which sees the collaboration of two top-level singers from the Metal scene, showcases the musicians’ technique in addition to great vocal skills. For all Symphonic Metal lovers, with layers of high quality keyboards and tempo changes with excellent acceleration and solid and massive guitars. A recommended listening, not only this single but all the productions of this supergroup, which has become one of the best realities of its kind with thick and quality works.


1. Франческо Петрарка
2. Voi ch’ascoltate
3. Zefir se vraća
4. Zephiro torna


Pier Gonella (Necrodeath, ex Labyrinth) / Guitar
Francesco Marras (Screaming Shadow) / Guitar and Bass
Mattia Stancioiu (Crown of Autumn – ex Vision Divine) / Drums
Mauro Desideri (VeraEuridice) / Keyboards


Alessandro Del Vecchio / Vocals
Dino Jelusic (Trans Siberian Orchestra and Animal Drive) / Vocals
Sergey Sergeev (Forsage) / Vocals

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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