[Reviews] 6:33 – Feary Tales For Strange Lullabies: The Dome

The first thing that stands out at a first listening to this album is the originality of the sounds, difficult to categorize in a single genre, risking to diminish the quality of the work. The French band 6:33 and their “Feary Tales For Strange Lullabies: The Dome” produced by Wormholedeath Records, manage to mix a large amount of different styles and influences. Prog Metal, Cinematic, Funk, Swing and much more with brass, bells, keyboards and orchestrations that combine with Heavy sounds with a marked personal touch. Only after several and careful listening you can really understand how much quality there is in this album, which still manages to capture attention from the first listen. The ideas are so many and each track differs from the other, managing to insert in the context of modern Metal the traits of genres very distant from it with ease. Another choice of the band is to propose programming instead of the real drum, giving a particular accent to the rhythmic session revisited in a more morna and futuristic key. The choices of the band, however unusual they are at times, are very successful, making both their sound and this album truly original, engaging and with a strong impact. The tracks are very intense and with distinctive characters from each other, thanks also to the large amount of sounds that come out of the electronic equipment. This allows him to exploit a wide range and to have many solutions that I have found innovative, managing to pass within the same song from Synth-Pop sections to Prog passages and then transform into Metal. The vocal parts using multiple voices both male and female, both solo and choral can best adapt to all the passages that the disc offers. An album that despite being very elaborate is also accessible by offering catchy refrains and verses proposed with that personal touch that makes them refined and never banal. The rhythmic session being proposed with programming and drum machine ranges from electroche and hip-hop sounds to harder and heavier ones, passing through Funky and Swing. A disc out of any classification and restriction dictated by genres but which by inserting styles and influences of all kinds has the advantage of being original. Listening to this album will be pleasant to an audience not only a lover of Hard & Heavy sounds but to lovers of good music in general. Anyone can find ideas and ideas in which to recognize their tastes, it will be interesting to be able to listen to this band live, although heard here the technique and ideas are not lacking as well as personality. Another thing that intrigues me will be to see what they can propose in future record releases, the ideas and material to work on are so many and they seem to be able to express them very well, really congratulations to this band for the original sound.


01. Wacky Worms 03:54
02. Holy Golden Boner 05:11
03. Prime Focus 06:07
04. Party Inc. 06:31
05. Hot Damn Chicas 04:49
06. Rabbit In The Hat 05:59
07. Release The He-Shes 05:40
08. Downtown Flavour 01:31
09. Flesh Cemetery 04:01
10. Act Like An Animal 03:51
11. Hangover 05:36


Florent Charlet / Vocals
Bénédicte Pellerin / Female Vocals
Nicolas Pascal / Guitars, Keyboard programming and Vocals
Emmanuel Rousseau / Keyboard and Drum programming
Sylvain Mazeau / Bass
Richard Dubois Matra / Keyboards
Jiu / Double bass on (8,9,11)
Darkim Lain and Marjolaine Asin / Additional Vocals on (5)

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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