[Review] Arcade Messiah – Diagnosis

Arcade Messiah is the solo project by John Basset, multi-instrumentalist from Hasting, UK, created in 2014. On 26 August 2019, he publishes the fourth studio album titled ‘Diagnosis,’ available only in Digital version. The self-released album, contain 5 tracks, entirely played and singed by the artist, who also deals with composition and production. ‘Diagnosis‘ as well as the opener is and the track that gives the title to the album. It begins with a short soft intro, which immediately leaves space at a fast and powerful rhythm. The guitar performs distorted and heavy riffs, alternating with a sometimes slower tempo. The tones are dark, and the vowel interacts with the rest of the music. Nothing to report until 3/4, when the guitar performs more interesting passages. ‘Sleep Phoenix‘ the beginning is melodic between intertwined soft guitar keyboards and riffs. The song does not have the accelerations of the previous one, and remains on the same melody too long, leaving the listener waiting for something that never comes. A good start, without adequate development. ‘No Dishonor‘ is the shortest piece of the album, almost entirely sung. It should be a symphonic passage, with the “song” scheme that only partially succeeds, since after this track, the original material runs out. ‘Diagnosis (Instrumental)‘ in fact, as the title says, is the instrumental version of the opening song. While ‘Hell By Default (Remix),’ was released in the eponymous EP published in the beginning of 2019. It leaves us perplexed the composition of the tracklist of the album, are we facing an EP in disguise? It would seem. On a curious note, the artist leaves the freedom to decide the price of the disc during the buy / download phase.


1. Diagnosis (8:10)
2. Sleep Phoenix (13:38)
3. No Dishonor (3:54)
4. Diagnosis (Instrumental) (8:08)
5. Hell By Default (Remix) (6:48)


John Bassett / Performer, Composer, Producer

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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