[Hidden Rarities #27] Lokomotive Kreuzberg (GER)

Lokomotive Kreuzberg is a political themed Krautrock band born in 1972 in Berlin, Germany. With different formations they did extensive tours in Germany until 1977, when they disbanded due to financial problems. The founder member of the band Andreas Brauer (vocals, keyboards, violin, flute, guitar, percussion), alleliric and vocals Kalle Scherfling, Volker Hiemann (vocals, guitar) and Uwe Holz (drums, vocals, harmonica, percussion), while later on guitar and bass came Uve Müllrich who played with Embryo and was the founder of the Dissidents. During the various lineup changes in the band gravitated Bernhard Potschka, Manfred Praeker and Herwig Mitteregger who later played in the Nina Hagen Band and later founded the German Rock band Spliff. The band’s discography consists of 4 full-lengths published between 1972 and 1977, offering Krautrock sounds with Space and Funky influences. The lyrics of a political nature were an impediment as for other bands, being banned from playing in Communist countries. The full-lengths were all released for the pläne, as well as a compilation containing the most representative tracks from ’72 to ’78 which came out in 1994. 3 singles were released, “Hey, Mister Amerika / Chile 73” from 1973 and “Arbeitslos” from 1976 self-produced, while “Rondo” from 1976 for Le Chant Du Monde. All 4 albums are available on Vinyl at affordable prices, which do not exceed 20 euros, particularities have never been reissued. Even the 3 singles do not reach excessive ratings and are readily available at low cost. The band often approached to the sounds of bands like Gong and Mother Gong, despite the publication of more material than the other bands covered in this editorial, should be reported as over the years it has gone off the radar and no fun is mentioned, despite the intense live activity developed in its short history.


[1972] Kollege Klatt, Rock Story (pläne)

[1973] James Blond – Den Lohnräubern Auf Der Spur (pläne)

[1973] “Hey, Mister Amerika / Chile 73” (Single) (Not On Label)

[1975] Fette Jahre (pläne)

[1967] Arbeitslos (Single) (Not On Label)

[1976] Rondo (Single) (Le Chant Du Monde)

[1977] Mountain Town (pläne)

Lineup (all member who played in different lineup)

Andreas Brauer / Vocals, Clavinet, Violin, Synthesizer
Volker Hiemann / Vocals, Guitars
Uwe Holz / Vocals, Drums, Harmonica
Franz Powalla / Vocals, Bass
Karl-Heinz Scherflilng / Vocals
Manfred Praeker / Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Percussions
Bernhard Potschka / Acoustic Guitar, Guitar, Vocals

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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