[Hidden Rarities # 26] Fabio Celi e Gli Infermieri

Antonio Cavallaro aka Fabio Celi, originally from Naples, Italy began his musical career in the late 60s with the band Fabio Celi e i Pop, with whom he released a commercial single. “T’ho vista piangere / Un milione di baci” was released in 1968 via Gilbert, followed in 1971 by another single “Via Gaetano Argento 80141 Napoli / Fermi tutti è una rapina” released for Moon. After settling the lineup as a quintet and having definitively changed their name to Fabio Celi and Gli Ingermieri, they took part in the Festival D’Avanguardia e Nuove Tendenze in Naples in 1973, the year in which the only album entitled “Follia.” The disc is characterized by Prog / Psychedelic sounds with the organ in evidence and lyrics with a strong impact. Because of the accusing texts against corruption, the degradation linked to the underworld and the denunciation of Italian politics, the record was censored by RAI, thus preventing its diffusion through radio and television. This unfortunately made the album not very widespread and listened to at the time, preventing the band from establishing itself on the national scene. The music is well developed, enriched by tempo changes and the mixture of Symphonic and Psychedelic traits with a particular, almost recited vocal that interprets the lyrics at best. In 1975 the track “Uomo Cosa Fai” was broadcast by the TV show Oggi Musica and many thought of a return of the band, which however did not happen and that was the last media appearance of the group. The drummer Roberto Ciscognetti has played since 1980 with Popularia and later with Renzo Arbore & la sua Orchestra Italiana, with whom he still collaborates today. Ciro Ciscognetti, brother of the drummer, collaborated for a period with Napoli Centrale, the historic Neapolitan Jazz Prog band, and then dedicated himself as Fabio Celi to the piano bar activity. Luigi Coppa after the priod with the band left the world of music, while bassist Gennaro Fiorentino unfortunately died of a heart attack. The only album released by this band “Follia” is available on Cassette and Vinyl, in the original version it is accessible for a few hundred euros, while the next two reissues for Mellow Records and Canaria are available at a lower price. The two singles, on the other hand, reach higher figures and are less available. A pity that bands like this have been held back only for the choice to expose the truth in music, exposing what is wrong, being censored and limiting the freedom of expression which should be an acquired right but which is not so.


[1968] T’ho vista piangere / Un milione di baci (Gilbert) [Single]

[1971] Via Gaetano Argento 80141 Napoli / Fermi tutti è una rapina (Moon) [Single]

[1973] Follia (Studio Sette) [LP]


Fabio Celi / Keyboards, Vocals
Ciro Ciscognetti / Keyboards
Luigi Coppa / Guitar, Harmonica
Rino Fiorentino / Bass
Roberto Ciscognetti / Drums

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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