[Hidden Rarities #30] Odin (Multi)

Odin are a band whose members come from different European countries, which after having released an absolute masterpiece in 1972, closed the project two years later. In 1970 the German keyboardist Jeff Beer and the Dutch guitarist Rob Terstall gave life to an amateur group, until they decided in 1971 to create a professional band and try to establish themselves. To the duo are added the bassist Ray Brown and the drummer Stuart Fordham, both English and moved to Germany, thus Odin was born. The quartet succeeded in getting signed by Vertigo the following year, recording their debut “Odin” in Hamburg at the Windrose studios. Unfortunately the album was only released in Germany, thus giving less visibility to the band and to a work that would have met with better luck. The tracks contained in the disc are of exquisite workmanship, in pure Prog style with the Hammond in great evidence. The musicians’ technique is of a high level, managing to create a solid and engaging sound, as demonstrated by the two posthumous records, one live and one live in the studio. For a series of coincidences, the sound of the band was badly cataloged and inserted for years in the Hard Rock or Krautrock genre, in spite of a classic Progressive Rock, energetic and full of refined ideas. The album, therefore, until its reissue for the Repertoire in 1991, did not receive the right recognition, and was then rediscovered and enhanced. Other reissues were also published in the following years, making the disc available at affordable prices on CD and LP, with the exception of the original from 1972 which remains a piece for collectors given the valuation of several hundred euros. Two posthumous recordings were released in 2007, “Live At The Maxim” from the Maxim studio, Schweinfurt and “SWF Sessions 1973” both for Long Hair. Both posthumous albums feature unreleased tracks, including the live cover by Frank Zappa and King Crimson, performed with precision. Unfortunately, the disc containing the concert does not have a high-level audio resolution, penalizing the performance of the music, which still remains very well executed. A band that would have deserved better luck as mentioned at the beginning of the article, as the compositions and the music proposed are of a high level. A masterpiece that will meet the taste of all lovers of Progressive sounds of the early ’70s, with the Hammond in evidence, refined and with forays into Jazz and Heavy, always remaining faithful to the starting genre.


[1972] Odin (Vertigo)
[2007] SWF Session 1973 (Long Hair)
[2007] Live At Maxim (Long hair)


Jeff Beer / Keyboards, Vibraphone, Percussion, Vocals
Rob Terstall / Guitar, Vocals
Ray Brown / Bass, Vocals
Stuart Fordham / Drums, Percussion

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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