[Hidden Rarities #36] St. Helena (NOR)

Dear readers I have the pleasure of proposing to you in this editorial a Scandinavian band, precisely from Norway formed at Hammerfest in 1971, St. Helena. The news about this group are very few and difficult to find, as well as the recordings at the time were never published, but they saw the light only in more recent times. In 1991 an EP was released titled “Hello Friend” containing live and session recordings but containing only 3 tracks, subsequently re-proposed in 2012 remastered and re-mixed with the title “Hello Friend! (Remixed Version).” In 2005, however, “Early Daze” was released which contains 3 tracks recorded in the studio, but this album is also short-lived. A band that for what it listened to in the few available recordings would certainly have deserved better luck. The sound is markedly in Scandinavian style, in line with bands like Aunt Mary, Host and Juniphr Greene, with elaborate plots of pure Prog of the early 70s. As posthumous the band’s records are available at affordable prices, which do not exceed 100 euros even in limited editions on LP. A listening recommended for all those who love to discover underground and little-known bands. An obscure Prog band that, like many at the time, would have deserved greater consideration, which for what was heard in the tracks made available in recent times, could certainly have affirmed itself also in the international field.


[1991] Hello Friend (Colours)

[2005] Early Daze (Self-released)

[2012] Hello Friend! (Remixed Version) (Lwe Records)

Lineup (on the 1974 recordings)

Ray Briseid / Bass
Rolf Mareno Andersen / Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Willy Bendiksen / Drums
Kjell Are Pleym / Vocals, Keyboards
Fezza Ellingsen / Guitar

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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