[Interview] Exclusive interview with Andy Wilson-Taylor (Midgar)

We are pleased to interview Andy Wilson-Taylor, the creator of the Midgar project, who released the album “Unity” on the June 4, 2021.

> How are you?

I’m great, thanks!

> Where did the idea of creating this project come from and where did the idea of proposing this musical genre come from?

Midgar has been something I’ve been working on since around 2007, but since around 2012 I’ve been working as a composer for TV and film so a lot of that has spilled over into my songwriting for Midgar. I always wanted it to sound big and exciting, but it’s grown with me over the years as I’ve developed as a songwriter and now I think it’s finally sounding the way I’d imagined it in my head all these years.

> How would you describe “Unity” and what can you tell us about it?

Unity tells the story of the last decade or so in my life. It’s an album full of really dark, scary moments but also some really fragile, sweeter moments too. It’s a real fusion of heavy, hard hitting guitars and drums with more delicate orchestral elements. I think it’s a really adventurous record and one I’m really proud of the vocal performance on too.

> “We don’t make the rules” is one of the first singles, what the track speak about?

More now than ever, it feels like those in power don’t actually represent the interests of the people. This is a problem all over the world. ‘We Don’t Make The Rules’ imagines a short distance in the future where our personal freedoms are stripped away completely.

> The lockdown gives to you the possibility to make “Unity” but it also imposed numerous restrictions especially for live activities, how did it change and how did it affect your approach to music?

I’ve always been pretty self sufficient as a songwriter and a producer, but this period of isolation let me slow down my life in other ways and really focus on the job in front of me. The slower pace allowed me to really reflect on the last few years and bring it all together into a musical work. I’ve been doing a lot of work remotely with other artists and musicians over the last couple of years. It’s amazing what you can achieve these days when people are recording and composing in their own homes; home studio technology has really made that much easier.

> Now that he’s slowly resuming concerts, what are your plans for live dates if there are any?

There aren’t any current plans to bring Midgar out on the road.

> Another revolutionary track is “Paradise” and you described it as frightening, why?

Paradise imagines a scenario where you’re confronted with your future and past self, and being told what you need to do to be the person you’re supposed to be. It’s about confronting personal demons and pushing through dark and difficult times.

> Given the good album, also reviewed in our pages, many are wondering if there is any work going on in the studio?

I’m always writing stuff but I’m taking a little break from Midgar stuff at the moment. It’s totally normal to do that after such an intense period of writing and producing the record – it’s been two years non-stop for me – it’s vital to refresh and reflect on the work you’ve done so you can come back to it renewed and motivated. I’m working on other projects in the studio still; one really exciting album I’m mixing currently and another secret project that’s been brewing since the beginning of this year too.

> The last question as always we leave it free to be able to talk about any topic of your choice that we have not covered in the previous questions, feel free to tell us what you want.

Have a listen to Warrens EP and check out the video. For me it’s the culmination of all the work I’ve put into this album campaign and I’m super proud of it. Particularly the video; when starting this album cycle I’d never made a music video before. Lockdowns combined with no budget meant I had to DIY all the videos for the singles. Warrens was the last one of this album cycle and I think it’s the best video of the lot; I was able to take what I’d learned by making all the other videos and apply it to a more ambitious shoot since restrictions were over and collaborating was possible again. My friend Doug and I came up with this super dark idea and we set about bringing it to life, and we threw everything at it in the process. It was great to give this album cycle the high production value it deserves right at the finish.

We thank Andy Wilson-Taylor for his availability and for this interview, wishing him the best for his musical career and hoping to have him back in the pages of our webzine in the future.

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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