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Dear readers, we are pleased to offer you in this article an interview with one of the best Avangt-Garde Rock bands on the modern scene. On July 15, 2022 their seventh studio album, “Introducing SVIN,” will be released via Tonzonen Records. We welcome SVIN.

> Hi, how are you?

Great! Bound for vacations, and Just slipped out of Copenhagen jazzfestival, where we held a release party for the New record and performed a live rendition of “Elegi” – the former release, involving more musicians and a (allmost) completely acoustic soundscape, much different from the universe on “Introducing SVIN”.

> You are a trio that offers Avant-Garde Rock sounds, where does your passion for this genre and for music in general come from?

In general, the passion is Found in wanting to Connect with eachother, in new ways, every time. Even though we play composed/prearranged tunes, the element of improvisation is carrying the final outcome; we change the lengths of phrases, joke around with different sounds from show to show, invert the beats etc., to keep things fresh. It requires an attentive ear towards eachother, but doesnt restrict itself to genres. Its a somewhat jazzy approach, that allows us not to get boxed in – within six months we released a classical album and “Introducing SVIN”, which, compared back to back, wouldnt be on the same shelf in the library, had it not been for the bandname.

> Your style has consolidated over the years incorporating different genres, how would you describe your sound?

Curios. We are curious. we seek new experiences with every album, but with the same jammy approach, so that the Music is connected with the SVIN, you know from previous releases. It is interesting for us, picking up material from older days, and performing them with the sonic expansions from today. It allways molds the clay into other shapes.

> Your new album is out in July 2022 and is further evolving your sounds, how would you describe this chapter?

Exciting!! looking back at the proces of this album, it is clear, that the virus had a huge impact. It made no sense, releasing it, without the ability to back it up with liveshows, so instead, we embraced a longer, more exploring phase of dubbing/mixing. That might have changed the direction of the final release, but who is to say, really?! Regardless, we are now celebrating a record that calls for more keyboards, live samples, and Electronics that needs to be handled in the same manner, as our regular instruments – a new trip to the gym of improvisers, so we dont come of as stiff robots, having to perform a series of squared-out moves.

> I read in the press-kit that there are some guests on the record, what did they bring different and particular to the sound?

Two strong vocal features, by Marie Eline Hansen and “Bisse”, and an amazing trumpetsolo by danish topshelf improviser, Kasper Tranberg. All very different, sonic features, but they all, personally, connect very well with our energy. There were no instructions to what we wanted, (apart from where in the tunes, obviously) they were all left to their own wants and needs, and the results ended up great!

> There are some sung tracks, what topics do the lyrics deal with?

Both Bisse and Marie Eline had complete autonomy on topic, vibe, melody and so on, so we didnt know, what we were getting. Marie Eline send an audiofile from her phone an early morning, and Bisse went to lengths in his homestudio. While the lyrics to “Dødsensangst”, featuring Marie Eline, contain spherical suggestions of the inner soulwork, when engaging in relations to other people, the long, demanding cry of despair from Bisse on “Bøn”, depicts the inevitable fall of mankind, if we procede the patterns we currently uphold – told through the yawns of a chrashing demagogueish priest. Uplifting stuff!!

> Many of our readers and your fans are wondering if there will be the possibility to listen to your live music, do you have any programs in Riga?

Planning a tour seems surprisingly hard, compared with life, pre-covid. No fixed plans for Riga, yet, but we are open for it, and advise everyone with ideal for gigs and festivals to contact us

> Music has changed over the years, and is constantly evolving, how do you see the future of your genre?

Bright! As long as people exists, there will be a need for artistic, open connections, and therein, music thrives. We might Sound different, but we will be playing. A genre never dies, it just works as a step towards the next thing, and the strongest fragments of the original, survive. Keep listening to what ignites you, disregard the stiffness of categorisation and all will be well.

> What would you recommend to young artists who decide to propose a more refined musical genre like yours?

Start playing. Listen, emulate and endulge in as much music as you can get you hands on, and find likeminded beings to jam with. Make your own sounds, connect with people, seek out platforms for presenting it, and keep pushing. React to the positives, be the positive, and keep doing it.

> As usual, I leave the last question free to be able to talk about any topic not covered in the previous questions.

Take Care of yourselves, and those close to you. Every time in history, has its own hardships, and today is no different. Regardless of political stance, gender, age, wealth and colour, the World grows, if we carry ourselves in a helpful manner. And if you buy our records.

I thank the band SVIN for the pleasant interview, wishing themthe best for their continuation of their artistic career and for the launch of their new album.“

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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