[Interview] Exclusive interview with Xavier Boscher

In this article, we propose an interview with an artist we had the pleasure of listening to and
reviewing recently, Xavier Boscher.

Hi how are you?

Hi, I’m fine thank you, spring is here with a lot of good news, I’m happy for sure!

You are an artist who offers elaborate Prog sounds, where does the passion for this genre arise?

I began music with my mother, she was a piano teacher, and Classical music was my first love,
after that I discover Rock & Metal music at college and the guitar. It was amazing to discover all
this bands and to learn the guitar, how to play, how to do sounds guitars and naturally I pass from
Metallica & Megadeth to Dream Theater and all prog stuffs…

Your music is a blend of Prog, Metal, Rock and New Age, in which of these genres do you find
yourself the most?

Good question, I like this genres so much, I don’t have a favorite one. These are the different
musical facets of my emotions.
In 2022 you have already released 4 albums, how do these works differ from each other?
«Skyscapes» is a collection of 10 songs, it’s an aerial album, the fourth of my «Elements»
tetralogy, with Rock and New Age songs and good melodies. The first single on this album
«Seen from Space» is probably contains the melody i’m most proud of.
«Cosmic Variations» is a more Progressive Metal album with a concept of an interstellar journey
in the galaxy and a modern sound for my melodies, I’m very proud of the sound production of
this album, the cover is beautiful, this is my best album so far!
«Nankurunaisa I, II & III» are 3 improvisations EP with a total ambient sound with synth and
clean guitar, it was important for me to record more delicate sounds to calm my emotions after a
difficult end of the year.
The last two releases “Nankurunaisa” are connected, which theme binds them?
«Nankurunaisa» means : «One way or another, everything will be fixed» in Japanese. This
language is so beautiful with a great philosophy about life. It helped me to pass a difficult part of
my life.

You have the ability to combine more classic Prog sounds with more modern and Heavy
ones, how does the creative and compositional process of your music take place?

It depends my mood and the concept I work on. Sometimes I want only Metal sounds, and
sometimes I want bigger structure and progressive stuffs like synths and more technical rhythms.
I start with a white page and I begin to travel on my music and I don’t know where I land with a
song. Tt’s great to start something and achieve you hadn’t imagined, it’s quite comparable to life.
You have to let yourself be carried away by encounters and the vagaries of life, not to resist. In
music it’s the same…

Many of our fans and readers will be wondering if there will be a chance to listen to your music
live, or is yours a studio project only?

I would love to do live again but it’s quite difficult at the moment, it’s something I have in the
back of my mind and will certainly shape in the future.

Today’s music market offers less refined and more commercial sounds, what difficulty (if any)
does a project like yours encounter in proposing its own music?

Prog music is certainly one of the least commercial music and even more when it comes to
instrumental. Some artists are successful and that’s good. But it’s still difficult, a lot of musicians
come out in this style and it’s hard to find your place. I have never been attracted by success in
music, what I want to do is create the music that I love without limit and without constraint, in
complete freedom, I have had this chance for more than 20 years and I will continue until the end
of my days. Creation is life.

What advice would you give to young artists who try to emerge by proposing a musical genre
closer to Progressive sounds?

To work a lot and to create is own music with is own personality and have fun above all else.
The last question, as always, I leave it free to be able to talk about any topic not covered in the
previous questions, feel free to talk about what you want.
Thank you very much for welcoming me to your webzine, I would like to talk about philosophy,
but we should meet over a drink and have a few hours to spare. I have a thought for the people
who are undergoing war and the unhealthy power of man. I would so love for the world to change
and be on peace. This is my prayer. Take care of you

I thank Xavier for the pleasant interview, wishing him the best for the continuation of his musical
career. Thanks.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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