[New Releases] December 2020 Progressive Rock new releases

December 01, 2020 Tetrasun“Tetrasun” (Psychedelic, Progressive Rock)
December 04, 2020Ellesmere “Wyrd” (Progressive Rock)
December 04, 2020Il Paradiso degli Orchi“Samir” (Progressive Rock)
December 04, 2020McStine & Minnemann “II” (Progressive Rock/Pop)
December 04, 2020The Wood Demons “Angels Of Peckham Rye” (Progressive Rock)
December 04, 2020Mahogany Frog “In The Electric Universe” (Psychedelic, Electronica, Fusion)
December 04, 2020TDW“The Days The Clock Stopped” (Progressive Rock/Metal)[REVIEW]
December 04, 2020Eye 2 Eye“Nowhere Highway” (Progressive Rock)
December 06, 2020Bob Drake“Planets and Animals” (Avant Prog, Art Rock)
December 07, 2020Edison Junction Band“Torn Mind” (Psychedelic, Progressive Rock)
December 07, 2020Vincenzo Ricca’s The Rome Pro(G)ject“IV: Beaten Paths, Different Ways” (Symphonic Prog)
December 08, 2020Justin John And The Shadow Of Sound“The Broken Cloud” (Psychedelic, Progressive Rock)
December 10, 2020Aura“Imaginations” (Progressive Rock)
December 10, 2020James Mac Gaw“The End of Temples” (Zeuhl)
December 10, 2020Tom Doncourt and Mattias Olsson’s Cathedral“Tom Doncourt and Mattias Olsson’s Cathedral” (Symphonic Prog)
December 10, 2020Peter Swart“ODERAN” (Progressive Rock)
December 10, 2020Helmet Of Gnats“Travelogue” (Instrumental Progressive Rock, Fusion)
December 11, 2020Polyethylene Pet/+1“The Masks We Will Wear” (Avant Prog)
December 11, 2020Neon Heart“temporaria” (Psychedelic, Progressive Rock) (digital)
December 11, 2020Marcelo Paganini“Identity Crisis” (Progressive Rock, Jazz-Rock, Fusion)
December 11, 2020The Rebel Wheel“Simple Machines” (Progressive Rock)
December 11, 2020Cyrax“Experiences” (Progressive Rock/Metal)
December 11, 2020Mad Crayon“Drops” (Progressive Rock)
December 11, 2020Karfagen“Principles and Theory of Spektra” (Symphonic Prog)
December 11, 2020La Horsa Bianca“Diluvian Beat” (Progressive Rock)
December 11, 2020Naryan“The Withering” (Progressive Rock)
December 11, 2020Gavin Harrison & Antoine Fafard“Chemical Reactions” (Instrumental Progressive Rock, Fusion)
December 11, 2020Le Grand Sbam“Furvent” (Avant Prog, Zeuhl)
December 12, 2020Allomerus“Hydraulic Power Department” (Progressive Rock)
December 14, 2020Elizabeth the last“Task” (Instrumental Progressive Rock)
December 14, 2020Deluge Grander“Lunarians” (Progressive Rock)
December 15, 2020Argus“The Outsider” (Progressive Rock)
December 15, 2020Hora Prima“L’uomo Delle Genti” (Progressive Rock)
December 18, 2020Darragh“Traveler” (Progressive Rock)
December 18, 2020Oroborus“A December Dawn” (Progressive Rock/Metal)
December 18, 2020Grayceon“Mothers Weavers Vultures” (Progressive Rock/Metal)
December 20, 2020Asia Minor“Points Of Libration” (Progressive Rock)
December 21, 2020Let See Thin“2 Years 2 Late” (Progressive Rock)
December 21, 2020Cloud Over Jupiter“They’re Here With Us” (Progressive Rock)
December 21, 2020Light Freedom Revival“Terra Architecta” (Progressive Rock)
December 22, 2020Roland Bühlmann“Dubnos” (Instrumental Progressive Rock, Fusion)
December 22, 2020Sonus Umbra“A Sky Full of Ghosts” (Progressive Rock)
December 23, 2020Mark Murdock“The Phoenix Has Risen” (Progressive Rock)
December 28, 2020Seaorm“Olkhon” (Instrumental Psychedelic, Fusion)

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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