[New Releases] January 2021 Progressive Metal new releases

January 1, 2021Sunrise DreamerA World to KnowProgressive Metal
January 1, 2021Lunar SatanLunar SatanProgressive Metal/Rock
January 1, 2021Crown ConsciousUnnatural EPMelodic/Progressive Death Metal
January 1, 2021KraftvøidKraftvøidProgressive/Stoner/Doom Metal
January 1, 2021Otis ArcherI. Conquest EPProgressive Sludge/Stoner Metal
January 2, 2021Solemn SilenceCollection 2021 EPProgressive Heavy Metal
January 2, 2021AnamaTales of Doubt and DeathProgressive/Symphonic Metal
January 4, 2021Joop WoltersSnapshotProgressive Metal, Jazz Fusion
January 6, 2021Grip on RealityStyx EPProgressive Metal
January 8, 2021LoremasterReflection EPProgressive Metal
January 8, 2021MerrowThe Nasum EPProgressive Metal
January 8, 2021Alta ReignMother’s DayMelodic Progressive Metal/Rock
January 11, 2021Crimson VoidA Requiem of DecayProgressive Doom Metal
January 11, 2021UmvralDistanciasPower/Progressive Metal
January 12, 2021NeedNorchestrion: A Song for the EndProgressive Metal
January 15, 2021Amon SethisTreasures from the Sand EPProgressive Metal
January 15, 2021Kingfisher SkyThe Winter Sessions EPProgressive/Symphonic Metal
January 15, 2021ExosphereNightmaresProgressive Sludge/Doom Metal
January 15, 2021MansfeldMax und MoritzProgressive/Avant-garde Metal
January 15, 2021WitherfallThe Other Side EPHeavy/Progressive Power Metal
January 20, 2021Two Minds in Separate WaysTwo Minds in Separate WaysProgressive Metal
January 20, 2021Saber TigerParagraph VPower/Progressive Metal
January 21, 2021Drawn from ApathyBeyond the VeilExperimental Progressive Metal
January 21, 2021KaparilionShifting Sands EPProgressive/Melodic Groove Metal
January 22, 2021LabÿrinthWelcome to the Absurd CircusProgressive Power Metal
January 22, 2021Red CainKindred: Act IIProgressive/Groove Metal
January 23, 2021Carlos OsnayaWithin the Light of TruthProgressive Metal/Hard Rock
January 24, 2021Through Blinded EyesHands of Hypocrisy EPProgressive Metal/Rock
January 29, 2021Nuclear AngelsGurus of DestructionProgressive Heavy Metal
January 29, 2021Silver CaveSee You Later EPProgressive Metal/Rock
January 29, 2021Souls of DiotimaJanasProgressive/Power Metal
January 29, 2021Valiant CrusadeIV EPProgressive/Groove Metal
January 29, 2021WitheringWithering EPProgressive/Post-Metal/Djent
January 29, 2021DreamslainTales of Knights and Distant WorldsProgressive Metal
January 30, 2021OctaleBurning Paradise EPProgressive Metal
January 30, 2021The Stoopid Good LookingsA Dark Winter EPProgressive Metal
January 30, 2021SkylinerDark Rivers, White ThunderHeavy/Progressive/Power Metal

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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