[New Releases] January 2021 Power Metal new releases

January 1, 2021BallsqueezerOld Scotch AlePower Metal
January 1, 2021Preludium FuryWar of the Dragons EPPower Metal
January 1, 2021Ominous GloryThe Elven DreamSymphonic Power Metal
January 3, 2021ElfsongEncyclopedia Nova CreaturaSymphonic Power Metal
January 5, 2021BattlechainCurse of the Cemetery EPHeavy/Power Metal
January 7, 2021Trust Your HeartKalrog Naar guerriero delle stelleHeavy/Power Metal
January 11, 2021UmvralDistanciasPower/Progressive Metal
January 13, 2021Fate GearThe Sky PrisonHeavy/Power Metal
January 15, 2021FireForceRage of WarPower Metal
January 15, 2021DragonyViribus UnitisMelodic Power Metal
January 15, 2021Millennial ReignCarry the Fire Again EPMelodic Power Metal
January 15, 2021WinterageThe Inheritance of BeautySymphonic Power Metal
January 15, 2021Ed-ElDeprisiónPower/Heavy Metal
January 15, 2021AdventusMorir y renacerMelodic Heavy/Power Metal
January 15, 2021WitherfallThe Other Side EPHeavy/Progressive Power Metal
January 17, 2021The Fabled FallenNightmaresPower Metal
January 18, 2021NúmenorMake the Stand EPEpic Black Metal (early); Symphonic Black/Power Metal (later)
January 19, 2021Dark Moor20 Anniversary Live in Madrid [Live]Power Metal
January 19, 2021IgnitorLive… Before the Plague [Live]Heavy/Power Metal
January 19, 2021JBPPiel de metalHeavy/Power Metal
January 20, 2021The Fabled FallenDreamsPower Metal
January 20, 2021Saber TigerParagraph VHeavy Metal (early); Power/Progressive Metal (later)
January 21, 2021ValhallaGates of ValhallaHeavy/Power Metal
January 22, 2021LabÿrinthWelcome to the Absurd CircusProgressive Power Metal
January 22, 2021Holy MotherFace This BurnHeavy/Power Metal
January 27, 2021Unlucky MorpheusLoud Playing Workshop EPPower Metal
January 27, 2021Fate GearScars in My Life (English edition) EPHeavy/Power Metal
January 29, 2021Black & DamnedHeavenly CreaturesHeavy/Power Metal
January 29, 2021Black Soul HordeA Lonely Road EPHeavy/Power Metal
January 29, 2021Crystal ViperThe CultHeavy/Power Metal
January 29, 2021Souls of DiotimaJanasProgressive/Power Metal
January 29, 2021TragedianSeven DimensionsMelodic Power/Speed Metal
January 30, 2021RubiconDemonstarPower/Heavy Metal
January 30, 2021Tetsuya MitaniDo or Die EPPower Metal/Shred
January 30, 2021SkylinerDark Rivers, White ThunderHeavy/Progressive/Power Metal
January 31, 2021ExcelsiaJudgement Day EPMelodic Power Metal
January 31, 2021Reflection of GloryEscape the DreamSymphonic/Melodic Power Metal

Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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