[News] 曇ヶ原 / Kumorigahara published the official music video for “うさぎの涙” from new album

Japanese Progressive Hard Folk band 曇ヶ原 / Kumorigahara published the official music video for the track “うさぎの涙” taken from the self-titled album out on December 1, 2021 via Arcangelo Records. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

I’ve tried to translate from their Japanese Press Release below the video:

Kurogahara made a deal with the Lord of Darkness at the dark crossroads where Showa and Reiwa intersect.
It’s a heavy prog rock news star. In addition to Crimson and Anekdoten, even the genes of Jacks and Doji Morita can be seen and hidden.
You can hear the footsteps of a new era in the introspective lyrics in Japanese. ― Koichiro Iwamoto

The sweet pain of passion ,, the two utopias who couldn’t come and go between everyday life, and the warm sunlight through the trees can be seen beyond Kumagahara.
This is Doji Morita‘s 80’s Progressive Rock revenge. great! !! !! –Tosuke Kibata (Maria Kannon)

In June 2010, the activity started in the form of a narration by Shodai Ishigaki. September 2013 He goes to band formation. Since then, the members have been changed repeatedly, and the current system will be established in November 2019, making it the first national distribution board. With Shodai Ishigaki (Ba, Vo, 12st Gt) at the front, a_kira (Maria Kannon, ex JA Caesar and the Devil’s House) who freely manipulates various keyboards such as viola Ito, organ piano, etc. who are active as guitarists in Italow. ), The next generation who has an important background in indie music consisting of Mu JAPAN (Dr) (Boris support, ex Ushiromaesakasaka) who can listen to reliable technique and powerful drumming, and powerful playing ability with high technology. It is attracting attention as the centerpiece of the Japanese progressive rock scene. Advocating “Progressive Hard Folk in Japanese” and “Anekdoten in Kita-Ikebukuro,” “King Crimson meets Doji Morita” and “Kazuki Tomokawa With Emerson” from the contrast between the riffs with odd beats such as 5, 7, and 9 beats and the dramatic song part. Lake & Palmer ”etc. Reminiscent of the suburbs that have reached the end of their useful life, reinforced concrete apartments with cracked outer walls, lonely shopping streets and bicycle storage areas in front of each station, narrow alleys with many dead ends, and scenery along national roads where only trucks heading to the city center run. Play a song to make you.

Purchase the album on the band’s official website: https://kumorigahara.net/new-album


Shodai Ishigaki / Bass, Vocals, 12- string Guitar
Viola Ito / Guitar
a_kira / Organ, Piano, Keyboards
Mu JAPAN / Drums

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