[News] 3ONVEGA unveil the official video for “Fembots” taken from new album

The first version of “Fembots” goes back to 2018. Despite sharing several parts with the current version, it was based on a more complicated guitar riff forming a much longer, structured tune, with somewhat of a 65daysofstatic feeling. After playing it like that for several months, we decided to simplify the guitar riff. That brought us to review the structure of the whole song, making it brief and straightforward.

This tune always felt kind of “robotic”, thanks to the metallic guitar sound – obtained through a ring modulator pedal – and to the distorted, obstinate and repetitive bass line.It is not a coincidence that the song title references a double episode of “The Bionic Woman” – the american sci-fi TV series from the late 70’s: besides sounding good to us, we thought it suited its atmosphere very well.These ideas grew into our heads up to the point where they took the shape of a short story, and that’s when we asked for Jack Pressel and Maddalena Gattoni’s help in realising a videoclip out of it.
What is depicted there is meant to have a very loose meaning that can be opened to several interpretations, but it basically revolves around the concepts of isolation and conformity.

The band tells us:

Alessandro: “Just like several of our tunes, “Fembots” was built upon a guitar loop that can be heard through most of the song. I remember trying – and failing – to find the right sound for it, while I was in the studio.Luckily we had a pre-production recording of the song and I asked the sound engineer if we could listen to it: the riff sounded exactly the way I had in mind! We ended up using that very take, and I think it was a good call.

Claudio: “I wouldn’t say that I had a precise musical reference in mind on this one. What I play on “Fembots” came from a very natural process, which went along with the different stages of its writing. I think maybe the ending of the song, which shows a crescendo with a more aggressive drum pattern, may draw from some of my heavier musical background, which was very important to me especially when I was younger.

Lorenzo: “Fembots was one of our first songs, and that’s why I tried to focus on what I had in mind for 3ONVEGA: the bass incisiveness, through its intentionally altered, saturated, distorted sound – which we spent a lot of time to shape while recording – as well as the pace of the bass line itself, obsessive and yet slightly changing, trying to underline every key moment. Ultimately, I’d say this song is the result of all the work we put together in the rehearsal room.

Watch the official video for “Fembot” through the YouTube player below:

Alessandro Emmi
(guitar), Lorenzo Fiori (bass) and Claudio Sambusida (drums) share a fortunate but longed for chemistry, thanks to previous collaborations between the three members: Kandma, Eon (Alessandro and Lorenzo) Stephane TV, Cinestesia – live, improvised soundtracks to silent movies (Alessandro and Claudio).
Wishing to create a trio, Lorenzo and Claudio formed the rhythmic section backing the guitar player they both played with. The band started rehearsing together around 2018 and patiently refined their sound.

Starting out from their shared musical background – Post-Rock – they moved significantly away from it, incorporating elements from Math Rock and Prog, towards more straightforward and abrasive tunes, inspired by the likes of Aiming for Enrike, Battles, The Samuel Jackson Five.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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