[News] Aisles publish the official video for “Thanks To Kafka” from upcoming fifth album

Aisles have released a brand new track titled “Thanks To Kafka” and is another glimpse into the Chilean Prog Rock band’s fifth studio album due in 2022.

An ode to writer Franz Kafka, the song deals with the subject of suicide and depression from the perspective of someone who has been defeated by life. The single marks a stylistic shift from previous singles “Fast,” “Disobedience,” and “Megalomania” in that guitarist Germán Vergara takes the lead.

Speaking about the single, Vergara says: “Thanks To Kafka is totally introspective. It is based on the idea of people who did not find answers to their existential problems or who lost the battle of life. He speaks from defeat and approaches it from those dark places.

The single artwork was designed by Jean Pierre Cabañas from Médu1a (winner of the Pulsar Award for Best Art of the Year in 2017).

Talking about the influence behind it, Vergara explains: “Both on the cover and in the video we want to pay tribute to Kafka. In the image, there is that skull with a hole like a person who committed suicide by shooting themselves and the cockroach symbolizing depression; and in the video we want to represent the absurdity and the lack of answers.”

Stream the official audio video for “Thanks To Kafka” through the YouTube player below:

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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