[News] Alestorm release the official video of the track “Fannybaws”

Alestorm have just released another banger fresh off their new album “Curse Of The Crystal Coconut. The song “Fannybaws“, accompanied by the official video, tells the story of the fearsome pirate who killed the mighty terror squid and fought against the Vikings – wearing nothing but a tiger pelt. Curse Of The Crystal Coconut comes out on May 29th.

Alestorm on the new video: “Oh wow! The history of Scotland is full of tales of mighty pirates, and none were as feared as the legendary Phann’aig Bhall (otherwise known as “Fannybaws” in Lowland Scots). I hope we’ve done his epic seafaring legacy justice with this song, and we hope you all enjoy singing along with it. Meet yer dad and smell yer maw!

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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