[News] Alexander Layer’s new single “Ymir” is out on Virtuoso/Elevate Records in all digital stores

With “YmirAlexander Layer continues to pursue the search for him by sinking his inspiration and his stylistic code into Norse mythology.

Ymir” (also called Aurgelmir) was the first ice giant and a key figure in Norse cosmology.

Alex‘s journey began in 2019 with the album “Fenrir” and then continued with “Hugin Munin.”

Ymir” is a particularly important song because it also marks Alex‘s entry into the Solar artists team: https://www.solar-guitars.com/artists/alexander-layer/ and for this reason that the song was originally composed, before deciding to get even a single one.

Link to digital platforms: https://smarturl.it/3xtzdr

Virtuoso Records is an offshoot of Elevate Records specialized in the research and enhancement of guitarists, instrumental music and other musical expressions that hardly find space on labels.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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