[News] Apotheus releases the official video for the track “Ergo Bellum” taken from new album

Apotheus, the visionary Progressive Metal band, has launched “Ergo Bellum,” the latest video from their concept album “Ergo Atlas,” continuing the epic saga inspired by the works of science fiction luminary Isaac Asimov. As a sequel to their 2019 project “The Far Star,” the band weaves a narrative of artificial intelligence and cosmic danger through a blend of powerful melodies and storytelling.

The newly released video is the fifth in a series of singles from the album, bringing to life the tumultuous confrontation between humanity and an overwhelming force. “Ergo Bellum” is described by the band as a sonic journey that mirrors a military conflict, complete with a hypnotic rhythm that echoes the march of soldiers and a chorus that commands attention.

Watch the official video through the YouTube player below:

Ergo Bellum is a gripping metal composition that vividly portrays a military conflict between humanity and a supremely powerful entity. The hypnotic rhythm, reminiscent of soldiers marching, creates an intense atmosphere. In the chorus, the commanding voice of the all-powerful being orders humanity to submit, adding a chilling dimension to the song. The track culminates in a climactic finale, capturing the tension and drama of the conflict’s climax.” – Apotheus

Don’t forget to follow along the band’s epic sci-fi story at https://thefarstar.apotheus.net with a free audiobook!

Pre-Order the album here: https://lnk.to/Apotheus


01. Shape and Geometry
02. The Unification Project
03. Firewall
04. Cogito
05. Ergo Bellum
06. March to Redemption
07. Alphae’s Sons
08. Re:union
09. Re:genesis


Miguel Andrade / Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
Luís “Gold Monkey” / Lead Guitar
Daniel Rocha / Bass
Albano “von Hammer” / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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