[News] Arcade Messiah: “The Host” CD Pre-Order is now available

Official Arcade Messiah Press Release:

Hi, John here, from Arcade Messiah
My New Album “The Host” is now available to Pre-order on bandcamp.:

‘The Host is available as a limited edition CD Digipak, and also as digital download. Album will be released On Sept 17th. For those of you out there who enjoyed the KingBathmat Album “Overcoming The Monster,” I feel that you will enjoy this album very much, as it has more Progressive Rock elements and more a focus on melody and song structure.

Full track list is as follows

  1. Can Of Worms 04:08
  2. Electro Magnetic Divine 08:00
  3. Show Me The Sun 09:27
  4. The Witch From The West 05:51
  5. The Host 08:18
  6. Diagnosis 08:08
  7. Wasteland 03:46
  8. Wildlife 03:21

Arcade Messiah have also released a preview of the album, read the article here: [News] Arcade Messiah publish the video preview of the new album “The Host”

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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