[News] Arthur Falcone’ Stargazer release “Straight To The Stars” on Elevate Records

Official Press Release from Elevate Records:

Arthur Falcone‘s third album “Straight To The Stars” is released on all digital platforms and on physical CD (Shipping from October 15).

It is a very welcome homecoming for us, in fact Arthur‘s first album was released in 1998 on Virtuoso (our parent label dedicated to guitarists) and therefore we have a very old friendship with Arthur.
The new album, entitled “Straight To The Stars,” features the likes of Göran Edman, Mistheria, Rob Rock, Titta Tani, Alberto Rigoni and many others.

As usual Arthur‘s music is a neoclassical melodic Heavy played at the highest levels that will arouse attention among lovers of these timeless sounds.

You can listen, download, pre-order the cd at the following link: https://smarturl.it/f9f0nj

Elevate Records published the album preview, watch it through the YouTube player below:

01. The Cradle
02. The Only One
03. Secret Of Roswell
04. Straight To The Stars
05. Black Fairy
06. Gipsy Lady
07. Paradise
08. Soldier of Fortune
09. Siren Of Darkness
10. Distant Star
11. I’ll See The Light Tonight

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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