[News] Automatism publish the live video of first single “Heatstroke #2”

With reasons beyond our control we had to move the official release date of the new Automatism album titled “Immersion” to September 25, 2020.

Meanwhile the band released a live video of groove and psychedelia of the first single “Heatstroke #2” Watch it below or listen on Bandcamp: https://automatismband.bandcamp.com/track/heatstroke-2

Automatism is an instrumental rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. The music of the quartet is based on Psych Rock, with some added herbal, Progressive and Modal Jazz elements.

The band comments: “We look for moments of effortless music creation and try to capture them on record. Most songs are improvised live in the studio, with overdubs added.” 

The debut album From The Lake (2018) and the follow-up album “Into The Sea” (2020) was released on vinyl on Tonzonen Records.

Immersion” is the third full length release for the label. On the album the band works together with the outstanding musicians Per Wiberg on keyboards (Kamchatka, King Hobo, ex-Opeth), Jesper Skarin on drums (Vak, Gösta Berlings Saga) and Jakob Sjöholm on guitar (Träd, Gräs och Stenar).

Automatism have toured with The Spacelords and Kombynat Robotron in Sweden and Germany, and in 2019 they played together with Acid Roosterat the Psychedelic Network Festival, among others.

1. Heatstroke #2
2. Falcon Machine
3. Monochrome Torpedo 
4. New Box
5. Smoke Room
6. First Train

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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