[News] Autumn Tree release the official music video of the single “Seducción”

German based Heavy Rockers Autumn Tree have released the official music video of the single “Seducción” filmed by Enrico Markx and produced by Tobias Katzenberger. Watch the video below

Gunslingers and Southern states, paired with a good pinch of rock and party. Singing along, swinging lighters and dancing are part of it. Inspired by bands like Alter Bridge, Volbeat, and much more. The boys play a mix of post-grunge and heavy southern rock. As a modern rock band, they face today’s music world with the classic rock attitude: hangover at work, smoky clothes, red eyes and good mood!

Pure ecstasy when performing the songs quickly leaps over to the audience, which ends in raised beer bottles and lighters, the emotions sparkle when the quartet prompts you to dance!

Autumn Tree is not only inspired by the really big bands, but also by the stories from the wild west. They take the audience on a journey through dry deserts, small towns and on exciting rides through the heat of the west, tell about the great love and heated firefights.


Kai Lutz / Rythm Guitar, Lead Vocals
Denis Bopp / Lead Guitar, BG Vocals
Norbert Galan / Bass
Aaron Kirsch / Drums

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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