[News] Ayreon unveil the lyric video for “Into The Black Hole” feat. Bruce Dickinson “Universal Migrator I & II” Remastered

Ayreoon have announced the release of “Universal Migrator Pt 1 & 2 (2022 Remixed and Remastered),” scheduled for November 18th 2022. Arjen shared the video of “Into the Black Hole” featuring Bruce Dickinson, watch it through the YouTubue player below:

I must say Into the Black Hole is one of my personal favorite songs on the Flight of the Migrator album. Particularly because of the amazing vocal performance of the mighty Bruce Dickinson. It was a true honor and pleasure for me to record one of my favorite singers of all time in my studio. I love the fact that his singing in this track is so different from the (often faster) Iron Maiden material. If you listen well, you can hear that in this re-mixed version I used some vocal lines that I didn’t use in the original version. I also think that especially the drums sound way more powerful than in the original version. Have fun exploring and let me know. Hope you enjoy this spacey video made by Dave Letelier and Wayne Joyner! Hugs from Holland, Arjen.

Universal Migrator Pt 1: The Dream Sequencer” and “Universal Migrator Pt 2: Flight of the Migrator” originally came out in 2000, almost simultaneously. Many notable guests are in attendance, including Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Floor Jansen (Nightwish), Edward Reekers (Kayak), Damian Wilson (Headspace, Threshold), Neal Morse (Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic, Fying Colors, Neal Morse band), Russell Allen (Symphony X), Andi Deris (Helloween), Michael Romeo (Symphony X) and others.

The new release will be available in several formats:

  • Limited edition with 56-page artbook that includes a comic and exclusive images; 5 CDs also including unpublished material; DVD; two binaural mixes for listening with headphones and more.
  • Vinyl box with 4LP marble; 40-page comic; DVD; posters and stickers (1000 numbered copies available only on the webshop)
  • Double CD with bonus CD including unreleased material
  • The Dream Sequencer” and “Flight of the Migrator” are available individually on clear orange vinyl and digitally.

Pre-orders are open here: https://lnk.to/Ayreon


“Universal Migrator Pt 1: The Dream Sequencer”

01 The Dream Sequencer
02 My House On Mars
03 2084
04 One Small Step
05 The Shooting Company Of Captain Frans B. Cocq
06 Dragon On The Sea
07 Temple Of The Cat
08 Burried By The Wind
09 And The Druids Turn To Stone
10 First Man On Earth
11 The Dream Sequencer Reprise

Universal Migrator Pt 2: Flight of the Migrator”

01 Chaos
02 Dawn Of A Million Souls
03 Journey On The Waves Of Time
04 To The Quasar
05 Into The Black Hole
06 Through The Wormhole
07 Out Of The White Hole
08 To The Solar System
09 The New Migrator

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