[News] Bendida publish the official video for the track “Civilization” from new release

In the beginning of 2020, BENDIDA published the 2ⁿᵈ album, “First Of The Heroes“. As guest musician appears Janika Groß – talented German singer of Haggard and Molllust – in the song “Vampires’ Ball”. 
Now the Bulgarian ensemble presents a new demanding Music Video – for the album song “Civilization“!

Over the last years BENDIDA captured the audience’s attention by regular concerts and as an result, the popularity of the Bulgarian FANTASY METALformation keeps growing.

The eight-headed ensemble creates an unique magical sound – the base is Metal, enhanced by Classical and Folkelements. The atmosphere of BENDIDA’s sound gets completed with an ancient Baroque instrument – Viola da gamba.

Kremena Nikolova • Vocals
Vinnie Atanasov • Guitars, Vocals, Compositions, Arrangements, Orchestrations
Alexander Panayotov • Bass
Vyara Grancharova • Viola da gamba
Bisera Dimitrova • Violin
Ralitsa Georgieva • Keyboard
Velislav Kazakov • Drums

The lyrical themes in the band’s music are in the spheres of mythology, fantasy and fiction. BENDIDA interprets mythology from the ancient myths and legends – Sumer, Slavic, Thracian and others. The highly motivated group draws inspiration mainly from Classical music, Metal and Folklore.

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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