[News] Bernard and Pörsti published the excerpts for new album “Robinson Crusoe”

The Samurai of Prog Bernard and Pörsti published the excerpts official video for the new album “Robinson Crusoe” out on December 10, 2021 via Seacrest Oy. Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

Purchase the album on the seacrest Oy official website: https://www.recordshopx.com/artist/porsti_kimmo/robinson_crusoe


  1. Overture (06:18)
  2. Like an Endless Sea (09:38)
  3. The Voyage Begins (03:08)
  4. The Island of Despair (10:00)
  5. Friday (10:08)
  6. The Rescue (07:23)
  7. New Life (05:16)


Marco Bernard (The Samurai Of Prog) – Shuker basses
Kimmo Pörsti (The Samurai Of Prog, Mist Season) – drums and percussion

Octavio Stampàlia (Jinetes Negros) – keyboards
Rubén Álvarez – electric guitar
Steve Bingham – violin
Marc Papeghin – French horn, trumpet
Oliviero Lacagnina (Latte e Miele) – keyboards
John Wilkinson – vocals
Sara Traficante – flute
Marcel Singor (Kayak) – electric guitar
Rafael Pacha – electric and acoustic guitar, recorder, viola da gamba
David Myers – grand piano
Alessandro Di Benedetti (Mad Crayon, Inner Prospekt) – keyboards
Bart Schwertmann (Kayak) – vocals
Steve Hackett (Ex-Genesis) – electric guitar
John Hackett – flute
Marco Grieco (Marcomarco) – keyboards, acoustic guitars, percussion
Marco Vincini – vocals
Luca Scherani (La Coscienza di Zeno, Höstsonaten) – keyboards
Stefano Galifi (Museo Rosenbach) – vocals
Adam Diderrich – violin
Marcella Arganese (Ubi Maior, Archangel) – guitar
Andrea Pavoni – keyboards

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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