[News] Black Mirrors announces new album “Tomorrow Will Be Without Us” and unveil first single

2017 saw Brussels-based Rock sensation Black Mirrors take the world by storm with the debut of their awe-inspiring “Funky Queen” EP. Feverishly acclaimed live appearances and a powerful festival showcase later, the band, fronted by extraordinary vocalist Marcella Di Troia, quickly inked a worldwide deal with leading rock and metal empire Napalm Records, soon gaining further praise with the release of their first full-length album, “Look into the Black Mirror.”

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Continuing to exceed expectations, the unstoppable Black Mirrors have now crafted a new masterpiece and one of Rock’s leading highlights of 2022 – their upcoming release, “Tomorrow Will Be Without Us,” out November 4, 2022 via Napalm Records.

Are we killing our own planet? No, Black Mirrors don’t believe that we as humans have the power to destroy mother earth. However, as the album cover below portrays, it’s clear who will end up burning – all living creatures, us. “Tomorrow Will Be Without Us” is a clear statement impacting every single one of us living on our planet.

As first album single “Hateful Hate, I’ll Kill You” proves, the band pushes their fuzz pedals to the max, delivering a powerful Rock anthem you can’t help but move and groove to, yet perfectly showcases Black Mirrors’ unforced, versatile and organic talent.

Black Mirrors about their first single:

‘Hateful Hate, I’ll Kill You’ is one of the first songs we wrote and recorded for this album. We felt the song really helped us to shape the album as it embraces a lot of different influences like Nirvana and Hole, but also Queens of the Stone Age, Jack White and even Radiohead.

The song is a shout out to the bitter world we’re living in, a shout out to our consumerist society! Our beautiful planet has its limits! We are on a sinking ship. We have left so many living beings to die, to disappear even. We need to change now more than ever – we have to change our ways.

Watch the new Black Mirrors music video for “Hateful Hate, I’ll Kill You” through the YouTube player below:

About the new video, the band states:

The energy of “Hateful Hate, I’ll Kill You” video is pretty close to what you can expect from a live show of Black Mirrors. Furthermore, we focused on what’s behind the lyrics. The colors, mainly yellow and red, were used as a symbol of the burning of our forest, our planet. One of the outfits Marcella’s wearing is a nod to the last mass extinction to warn us of the 6th mass extinction we are currently living in. At the end, she even changes into a tree to embody the return to nature.

Black Mirrors’ sophomore outing is a deep, soulful and vividly textured 90’s inspired Rock record with umpteen layers begging to be picked apart with each spin, and lyrically, traverses humankind’s increasing apathy towards the world around them. The grunge-infused guitar lines meld in harmony, giving way to memorable riffs, rhythmic gems, big grooves and the addictive, beautifully unchained vocals of Di Troia.

Contrary to the album’s title and its evocative themes about today’s society and a world falling apart, tomorrow does belong to Black Mirrors – there is no doubt they will own the next decade, providing us with the finest in Heavy Rock and Melodic Grunge grandeur the world of tomorrow unconditionally needs.

Like all of us, we had to go through a lot during these past years. ‘Tomorrow Will Be Without Us’ is our answer to all the questions we had during that time, our reflection on the ecological catastrophe we’re all witnessing, our thoughts on our consumerist society, …“, the band comments. “Writing these songs gave us the strength to go forward and to heal us, it was our catharsis. We deeply hope it will bring you some light in these dark times.”

Together with the touch of worldwide-acclaimed producer Alain Johannes (Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of the Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys, No Doubt), Black Mirrors have reset the bar to unexpected heights, and their new album promises to leave its mark on today’s Rock scene worldwide! One can be sure, the music world of tomorrow would be a lonely place without Black Mirrors, and “Tomorrow Will Be Without Us” locks them at the top.

Tomorrow Will Be Without Us” will be available in the following formats:

  • CD Digisleeve
  • LP Gatefold BLACK
  • LP Gatefold Marbled BLACK/GOLD (ltd. 300)
  • Digital Album

Pre-Order “Tomorrow Will Be Without Us” here: https://lnk.to/BM-TWBWU/napalmrecords


  1. Snake Oil
  2. Lost in Desert
  3. Tomorrow Will be Without Us
  4. Hateful Hate, I’ll Kill You
  5. Ode to my Unborn Child
  6. Through the Eyes of a Giant
  7. Collapsology (Raise Your Voice), feat. Alain Johannes
  8. Anthropocene
  9. Tears to Share
  10. Say it Again

Live Dates:

11/3/22 (DE) Hamburg – Headcrash (Exclusive Album Release Show!)
11/4/22 (DE) Berlin – Cassiopeia (Exclusive Album Release Show!)
11/18/22 (BE) Brussels – Botanique (Exclusive Album Release Show!)

Current Lineup:

Marcella Di Troia / Vocals
Pierre Lateur / Lead Guitar
Yannick Carpentier / Drums
Pierre Guillaume / Guitar, Synths, Backing Vocals

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