[News] Blodiga Skald publish the official video of “The Curse”

The official video of “The Curse” by Blodiga Skald. The piece is taken from the album “The Undrunken Curse” released on April 24, 2020 through SoundAge Productions.


Axuruk “jejune” Kaleniuk – Screamer
Ghâsh “Barbarian Know-All” (Daniele Foderaro) – Strummer
Tuyla “The Glorious One” (Ludovica Faraoni) – Orcordion and Orcboard –
Yindi “Servant of Anor’s flame” (Sefora Centurioni) – Fiddlerer
Rükreb “The Noble One” (Emanuele Viali) – Farmerer
Vargan “Shepherd Tambourine” (Nicola Petricca) – Tupa Tupa

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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