[News] Bog Wizard publish the lyric video for their “Miasmic Purple Smoke” from upcoming album

US Doom/Sludge/Stoner trio Bog Wizard unveil a lyric video for their brand new single “Miasmic Purple Smoke” taken from their sophomore album “Miasmic Purple Smoke.” Watch the video through the YouTube player below:

This is the second single and title track of their sophomore full-length album “Miasmic Purple Smoke,” out on December 3, 2021 via The Dregs Records.

The band comments: “The album Miasmic Purple Smoke was written and recorded over the course of the last year. The process of this and playing the music itself has been our bit of escapism to keep sane. Much as we have done in the past with our D&D characters and the stories we put ourselves into, and often write our songs about. Using escapism and fantasy in tumultuous times.

The song Miasmic Purple Smoke tells the tale of a pious adventurer setting off to smite a great evil in the swamp, only to be suddenly confronted by that evil, the Bog Wizard himself, and have their mind blown.

Musically, we wanted to experiment a bit with this one, so the track differentiates a lot from our usual affair. Our drummer Harlen took on lead vocals for a change, and we brought in friend of the band Nynisha Patterson for the soulful vocal layering.

Bog Wizard’s sophomore release “Miasmic Purple Smoke.” Heavier and nerdier than ever.

01. Barbaria
02. The Rogue
03. Grimdark
04. Miasmic Purple Smoke
05. Stuck In The Muck
06. The Void Beckons

Ben Lombard / Vocals, Guitar
Harlen Linke / Percussion, Vocals, Synth
Colby Lowman / Bass

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