[News] Bottomless welcomes new bass player Laura Nardelli (Ponte del Diavolo, Askesis)

Due Sara’s commitment with Messa, she isn’t able to be part of Bottomless anymore. The band already found new bass player in Laura Nardelli (Ponte del Diavolo, Askesis).

Bottomless comments: “Please welcome our new bass player, Laura Nardelli!

Laura is a killer musician with a big, fat bass tone that fills the air and we’re just glad to call her our friend. In addition to her musical skills, she’s also a talented tattoo artist and illustrator with a massive portfolio.

The band previous statement about Sara’s departure:

Sara’s commitment with Messa in the last year and half has reached a point that’s left her with very little to no time at all to be in another band. This means that, unfortunately, she won’t be able to be part of Bottomless any longer.

We wish to thank her dearly and wholeheartedly for all she’s done in the band, be it playing bass, taking care of all graphic designs and record layouts and so much else.

We are currently rehearsing our live set – which features a good bunch of songs off our new album – with a new bass player that will be introduced publicly very soon.

Needless to say, this variation in our line-up is totally amicable and it will not affect our upcoming gigs.

Doom magic shall prevail!

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Author: Jacopo Vigezzi

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