[News] Brudini release the single “Nightcrawler” from new album

Brudini’s new single Nightcrawler is an odyssean tale of dark wanderlust from noir-experimental London crooner Brudini ahead of debut album release on APOLLON RECORDS Oct 9th.

Ambitious and bittersweet, Brudini’s Nightcrawler is the new single ahead of his long awaited debut album From Darkness, Light, due out on October 9th on Apollon Records. An odyssean portrayal of a limping vagabond whose nightly descent into darkness is interrupted by a brief moment of nostalgia, the song sits sonically somewhere between the organic textures ofRadiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool, the frenetic rythm section of early Beckand the wanderlust romanticism of Beirut. Centered around a crooning vocal coined by Louder Than War as ‘brooding, and full of emotion’, Brudinireturns with his own inimitable style and an artful flair for arrangement. Cannily expressionistic in its use of sound to convey story, – an abrupt swell of strings marks the moment his flaneur catches the nauseating light of the setting sun, for instance – Brudini’s ambition transcends the framework of popular music and puts him in a tradition of narrative songwriters like Nick Cave and Scott Walker

It was mixed and mastered at legendary NYC analogue boutique studio Sear Sound (John Lennon, Lou ReedRyan Adams ++) by Grammy-winning engineer Jeremy Loucas and Brudini. 

Brudini comments: “Nightcrawler is the tale of a jaded, worn-out character’s march into darkness; briefly overcome by a triumphant moment of warmth and nostalgia, before the night swallows it all.

The single is available from here: https://orcd.co/bmx5qa9

From Darkness, Light is the debut album from Noir-Experimental London Crooner Brudini, armed with guts, a piano, guitars, analogue synths and a jazz rhythm section.

From Darkness, Light is a poetic odyssey unlike anything you’ve heard. It is the story of an emotional and spiritual journey. During the five years of its creation, Thai-Norwegian londoner Erik Brudvik became a father, his Soho book shop first prospered, then went bankrupt, his longterm relationship ended, and he abandoned his career in finance.  But from these changes, he finally found his creative voice as Brudini.

Coined by Louder Than War as “an indescribable talent”, Brudini has drawn praise from NYC punk legend Danny Fields (Iggy PopJim MorrisonThe Ramones) and received continued radio support from BBC6RadioX, and been featured on Radio 2’s Frank Skinner. His live performances include collaborations with Lulu Gainsbourg, appearances at Tate Britain and a sold-out Soho alt-cabaret with LGBTQ-pioneer Lanah P and Erasure´s Andy Bell.

Soul searching and profound, Brudini’s conceptual LP debut From Darkness, Light weaves an abstract, wandering tale through feelings of loss and longing, anger, lust and despair, towards cosmic consolation. The beatific qualities of his songwriting and lyrics fuse seamlessly with poems by Californian writer Chip Martin, at two generations his senior. The narrative comes alive through a visceral soundscape of creaky pianos, analogue synths, syncopated jazz rhythms and the occasional jarring distorted guitar.

Self-recorded and self-produced, Brudini’s debut is an invitation to slow listening, providing a bare and unusual perspective of the blood and guts of a grown-age transition.

1. Roselight (w/ Chip Martin) 
2. Nightcrawler 
3. Hunger (w/ Chip Martin) 
4. Reflections 
5. Female Rimbaud (w/ Chip Martin) 
6. Emotional Outlaw 
7. Pale Gold 
8. God Unknown (w/ Chip Martin) 
9. Radiant Man 
10. Ariel (w/ Chip Martin) 
11. Everything is Movement 
12. Boulevards

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